Light to Live By

Light to Live By

by Karen Mann Nelson


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This is the second book from inspirational writer Karen Mann Nelson who first stole our hearts with LOVE TO LIVE BY. The love she exudes will light up your life and fill your heart with inspiration, hope, and faith that you are awesome just as you are and that there is nothing that you can't accomplish with God by your side. Her stories will enlighten you and her poems will touch you deeply. Delve in and prepare to shine your magnificent light for all to live by.

"This is a gentle, yet profound, look into many aspects of the life of discipleship for all of us who live in a confusing time in history....I found it to be encouraging, thought-provoking, and just very fun to read. I recommend this book with all my heart."
-Marlena Mann

"LIGHT TO LIVE BY is full of inspired and inspiring words of wisdom from a woman who has earned her life experience mothering ten of her own children and hundreds of other people's children. Karen sees the good in every person and experience. Reading her book helps you to see the world in this same way. Her beautiful stories and words will motivate you to seek light to live by in your own life. Give it a 'Twirl.'"
-Brigitte Wright

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ISBN-13: 9781979305709
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/28/2017
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.56(d)

About the Author

KAREN MANN NELSON's passion for writing began when she was a young girl, which created a clear path for her education. She received her BA in Humanities at Brigham Young University. She is the mother of ten children, which opened up endless possibilities for her writing.

Her first book, Love to Live By, are her philosophies for life that were largely driven by wanting to write down all the "at your knee" teachings that exploded from her desire to leave her children with solid, "things I would want my children to know."

She also involved her children in the performance and production of "Life of Christ" community concerts for nearly twenty years and this added another dimension of soul-expansion in her quest to open her children's minds to the idea of endless possibility.

Karen served as California Mother of the Year in 2011, which was her chance to teach powerful, reasonable, "listen to your own heart and to what makes sense to your mind" motherhood. She has also worked extensively in the Women's and Young Women's Organization in her church, which has created another avenue for her to teach her vision for how to live "without the voices."

Karen is currently involved in a charity to emotionally and spiritually rescue women and children of the world.

Karen and her husband of forty-two years have raised their children all over the world and now reside in Utah.

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