Kolar Gold Field: (Unfolding the Untold)

Kolar Gold Field: (Unfolding the Untold)

by Dr S. Srikumar


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Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, and Michael Collins flew high above the planet Earth to reach the Moon and to land on it for the first time. But it was the men at Kolar Gold Field who dug deepest excavations below the surface and landed on the ultra-deep horizon into the planet Earth for the first time in human history! The latter was a hundred times dangerous than the space odyssey. While space expeditions explore the heavenly bodies, the land expeditions explore the earthly formations-all for the welfare of humankind.

The talents of the men at Kolar Gold Field could be so greatly equated that they were worthy of driving the Sun around Earth. They made deepest wells on Earth-or practically, it turned out to become the hell on Earth. The mine workers risked their lives to win gold for the luxury of the world community. Hence, it was all a daily rebirth for them. Reaching the lowest levels of these golden wells drove scientists to find new sophistications in technology. With the state-of-the-art, the miners at Kolar Gold Field overwhelmed nature, posing serious challenges to man trying his destiny. They proved how limitations of nature could be overcome to achieve results! The astonished nature rewarded them suitably. The Wonders of the World themselves wondered on man overcoming the dangers at the interior of the earth, their courage, the technological innovations in their industry, etc.

This Book-Kolar Gold Field (Unfolding the Untold)-exposes all the oblivion facts on the great city just known globally as KGF for the first time in the world. A golden history is now placed before you. It's hoped learned man/woman like you will pass on the glorious information to your next generation and help them for a better understanding of our times.
For this, should you not read this book?

-S. Srikumar

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