Knowledge of the Hour

Knowledge of the Hour

by Torati


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I heard people talking about the New World Order, and I asked myself, "What were the characteristics of the old one?" In this book, you will have an opportunity to hear from the Spirit of all knowledge. But this is just the beginning. We will understand that God has chosen many people, and they are a generation bridging two different times and spaces in the world. I will confirm that this message is not new to most of your ears, but why is it coming back? Many used their intellectual capacity to hold us in the spiritual captivity of idolatry, forgetting that there is time for everything. Many people believe in the existence of spirits and supernatural communications but are allergic to anything in contradiction of the church's involvement in causing people to stray from the true God, who is the Lord of Hosts. "I acknowledge your great wisdom, Father God of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these spiritual truths from the wise and intelligent and revealed them to those seeking God's will and purpose" (Matthew 11:25).
Throughout the ages, the Almighty God has kept sending prophets, messengers to restore the glory of God on earth by exposing the spiritual Old World Order established under the leadership of Constantino Augusto on 03/07/321, after Jesus Christ ascended to heaven. This was the time the spirit of the Antichrist succeeded in its coup to infiltrate science, religion, and politics. It's time to bring you out of faith confusion. This book is coming to challenge those who continue to think that God does not care about names of days, months, and the calendar. After you read this book, something positive will start to influence your mind-set. Please follow your conscience.

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ISBN-13: 9781728324791
Publisher: Author Solutions Inc
Publication date: 08/28/2019
Pages: 68
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.14(d)

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