Kings of the ancient world

Kings of the ancient world

by omar gamal, ahmed gamal
Kings of the ancient world

Kings of the ancient world

by omar gamal, ahmed gamal



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The Book of Kings of the Ancient World recount the stories of emperors and kings , Those personalities that lived in a time thousands of years ago , You'll find characters that have more space, This is due to the difference in the curriculum vitae of each king, according to what he was able to accomplish during his historical time. These historical figures will give you a ticket to cross into the world of ancient civilizations. Ancient Egyptian civilization, Greek civilization, Roman civilization, Chinese civilization, Persian civilization, Assyrian civilization, Babylonian civilization, Akkadian civilization, Sumerian civilization, Syrian civilization, India civilization, Amazigh civilization, Yemen civilization. And what these civilizations include From kingdoms Many wars and conflicts took place among them . The book will show you, through the stories of kings and queens, the progress of civilizations in the ancient world, the interaction of those cultures and civilizations, conflicts, and the clash of civilizations and religions in ancient civilizations. You will also be given an experience learning more about these times Wars, construction, art, culture, pain, treason, madness, the human and life qualities that those peoples have lived . So the question remains, did those civilizations have planted what we are now in the modern world? . Or is history always able to repeat itself? , because that is the nature of humans, in creating conflicts for control , You will find that when an empire is able to control the other, its first objective is to eliminate its old identity and impose a new identity on them . This has led to the world losing much of what defeated civilizations have achieved in a struggle for control and the world has lost an opportunity for greater cultural and civilizational diversity. We wish a pleasant reading for everyone .

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