Judgement: The Daniel Series.

Judgement: The Daniel Series.

by David Rory O'Neill


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Lauren was safer now and Bonny didn't worry for her the way she now worried about Daniel. Daniel had never found his escape. He was still trapped by his overwhelming sense of responsibility and his inability to be as self-centred and single-minded as Lauren.
He took on the responsibility for all he cared for and sacrificed his own desire for peace of mind and health of body. He still suffered that dreadful burden of guilt laid on his life so thickly by his monster of a mother. He tried to bend and not break and he tried to understand and mend himself. To protect his family from his pain and confusions but it wasn't working.
Daniel had been near death after being shot getting his children back from their kidnapping ordeal. He stood on the edge of the abyss and killed many as he came close to the madness that is revenge. He'd crossed that line briefly and now he was afraid and unsure of his motivation. That vile act perpetrated on his children had disturbed his previously certain moral compass so now he doubted why he pursued these monsters.
Daniel had stared death down and refused to die but he hadn't yet healed and he was embarking on some huge and dreadful thing. Compelled to end the fear and tackle the threat head on. He would not run or hide from his fear but would do what he'd always done - he would strip it bare and face it. Let it rip at him and when he'd found its foul heart, he'd kill it, no matter what the risk, no matter how much damage he suffered - he'd find its dark heart and end it.

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