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iPhone for Seniors: Covers iOS 12

iPhone for Seniors: Covers iOS 12

by Nick Vandome


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iPhone for Seniors in easy steps, 4th edition covers everything the reader needs know to keep fully connected. The book shows how to:

  • Make and receive phone calls

  • Text with the Messages app, including a variety of new fun features

  • Make video calls with FaceTime

  • Set up and use email accounts

  • Use Settings to customise your iPhone exactly to your style and requirements

  • Use Apple Pay on your iPhone to pay securely – no need to carry your wallet all the time

  • Master the newly designed Control Center

  • Explore the entire iTunes Music library, share music, videos, apps, calendars and photos with family members – stay in the loop with children and grandchildren!

  • An in-depth chapter on iCloud, Apple's online storage, sharing and backup service, explains how iCloud works and shows how it can automatically store your data and share your photos so you don’t have to worry about losing information should anything happen to your iPhone.

    Written with the Senior reader in mine, and presented in larger type for easier reading.

    Covers all models of iPhone with iOS 12.

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    Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781840788341
    Publisher: In Easy Steps Limited
    Publication date: 12/22/2018
    Series: In Easy Steps
    Pages: 192
    Sales rank: 496,309
    Product dimensions: 7.20(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.50(d)

    About the Author

    Nick Vandome is an IT writer and trainer who specializes in digital imaging and web authoring subjects. In addition to his writing, he also works designing websites and runs training courses. Before he started working with computers he wrote books about working and traveling abroad.

    Table of Contents

    1 Your New iPhone 7

    Hands on with the iPhone 8

    iPhone Nuts and Bolts 12

    Inserting the SIM 14

    iPhone Gestures 16

    Getting Set Up 19

    iPhone Settings 20

    About iOS 12 22

    Using the Lock Screen 23

    Face ID and Passcode 24

    Notifications 26

    Updating Software 28

    2 Starting to use your iPhone 29

    Opening and Closing Items 30

    Navigating Around 31

    Using the Dock 32

    Using the Control Center 34

    Setting up Siri 38

    Finding Things with Siri 40

    Shortcuts with Siri 42

    Reachability 44

    Night Shift 45

    Do Not Disturb 46

    Using 3D Touch 47

    Screen Time 48

    Restrictions for Children 52

    About Apple Pay 54

    Using the EarPods 56

    3 Head in the iCloud 57

    What is iCloud? 58

    iCloud Settings 59

    Adding iCloud Storage 60

    Backing up with iCloud 61

    About Family Sharing 62

    Using Family Sharing 64

    iCloud Drive and the Files App 68

    4 Calls and Contacts 69

    Adding Contacts 70

    Making a Call 72

    Receiving a Call 74

    Saving Phone Contacts 76

    Setting Ringtones 78

    Phone Settings 80

    5 Typing and Texts 81

    The iPhone Keyboard 82

    Keyboard Settings 84

    Using Predictive Text 86

    One Handed Keyboard 88

    Entering Text 89

    Editing Text 90

    Types of Text Messages 92

    Text Messaging 94

    Enhancing Text Messages 96

    Sending Money with Messages 103

    Voice Typing 104

    Managing Messages 105

    6 The Online World 107

    Getting Online 108

    Safari Settings 109

    Web Browsing with Safari 110

    Using Tabs in Safari 112

    Setting up an Email Account 114

    Emailing 116

    Having a Video Chat 118

    Adding Social Media 120

    7 Hands on with Apps 121

    What is an App? 122

    Pre-installed Apps 123

    About the App Store 126

    Finding Apps 128

    Downloading Apps 130

    Updating Apps 131

    Managing your Apps 132

    Deleting Apps 133

    8 Apps for Every Day 135

    Health Options on the iPhone 136

    Using the Health App 137

    Jotting Down Notes 139

    Measuring Items 141

    Keeping Up-to-Date 142

    Recording Voice Memos 144

    Getting the News 145

    9 Relaxing with your iPhone 147

    Around the iTunes Store 148

    Buying Items 150

    Playing Music 151

    Using Apple Music 153

    Reading 154

    Shopping 156

    Researching 158

    10 On the Go 159

    Finding Locations 160

    Getting Directions 162

    Booking a Trip 164

    Booking Hotels 166

    Finding Flights 167

    Speaking Their Language 168

    11 Camera and Photos 169

    The iPhone Camera 170

    Photo Settings 174

    Viewing Photos 175

    For You Tab 176

    Editing Photos 177

    12 Practical Matters 179

    Accessibility Issues 180

    Finding your iPhone 184

    Avoiding Viruses 186

    Index 187

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