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iPhone For Seniors For Dummies

iPhone For Seniors For Dummies

by Dwight Spivey

Paperback(9th ed.)

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Get down to iPhone basics—and beyond

It’s fun to play with new gadgets—but getting to the point where you can navigate around a new iPhone with ease can feel daunting at any age. Written with you in mind, the easy-to-follow steps, larger text, and full-color images in this book help you manage, personalize, and use your new iPhone to its fullest extent.

You’ll discover how to do everything from shop online and organize appointments using Calendar, to taking and sharing pictures and downloading and listening to your favorite music. With the latest iOS update, you’ll also learn how to customize Siri Suggestions, limit App notifications, stay in touch with Group FaceTime video calls, read ebooks, play games—whatever you fancy!

  • Sync with iTunes
  • Stay safe while browsing
  • Manage email and appointments
  • Download and use apps

Whether you’re a total newbie or upgrading from an older model, iPhone For Seniors For Dummies helps you can sit back, relax, and enjoy keeping up with the latest technology!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119607618
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/16/1991
Series: For Dummies Books
Edition description: 9th ed.
Pages: 464
Sales rank: 88,333
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Dwight Spivey has been a technical author and editor for over a decade and is currently Educational Technology Administrator at Spring Hill College. His talent for explaining technology to ordinary humans is evident in iPad For Seniors For Dummies, 12th Edition; Home Automation For Dummies; and the previous edition of this book.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 1

Icons Used in This Book 2

Beyond the Book 2

Where to Go from Here 3

Part 1: Getting to Know Your iPhone 5

Chapter 1: Buying Your iPhone 7

Discover the Newest iPhones and iOS 12 8

Choose the Right iPhone for You 11

Decide How Much Storage Is Enough 15

Understand What You Need to Use Your iPhone 16

Where to Buy Your iPhone 17

What’s in the Box 18

Take a First Look at the Gadget 19

Chapter 2: Exploring the Home Screen 21

What You Need to Use iPhone 22

Turn On iPhone for the First Time 23

Meet the Multi-Touch Screen 24

Say Hello to Tap and Swipe 27

Display and Use the Onscreen Keyboard 31

Keyboard shortcuts 32

The Shift key 33

Emojis 35

Flick to Search 35

Chapter 3: Getting Going 37

Update the Operating System to iOS 12 37

Learn App Switcher Basics 39

Examine the iPhone Cameras 40

Discover Control Center 41

Lock Screen Rotation 45

Explore the Status Bar 45

Take Inventory of Preinstalled Apps 47

Lock iPhone, Turn It Off, or Unlock It 52

Chapter 4: Beyond the Basics 55

Charge the Battery 56

Sign into an iTunes Account for Music, Movies, and More 57

Sync Wirelessly 59

Understand iCloud 62

Turn on iCloud Drive 64

Make iCloud Sync Settings 65

Browse Your iPhones Files 66

Chapter 5: Managing and Monitoring iPhone Usage 69

Meet Screen Time 70

Create Some Downtime 73

Allow Certain Apps During Downtime 74

Set App Limits 75

Set Content and Privacy Restrictions 79

Part 2: Beginning to Use Your iPhone 83

Chapter 6: Making and Receiving Calls 85

Use the Keypad to Place a Call 86

End a Call 87

Place a Call Using Contacts 88

Return a Recent Call 90

Use Favorites 91

Receive a Call 93

Use Tools during a Call 94

Turn On Do Not Disturb 96

Set Up Exceptions for Do Not Disturb 97

Reply to a Call via Text or Set a Reminder to Call Back 98

Change Your Ringtone 98

Chapter 7: Organizing Contacts 101

Add a Contact 102

Sync Contacts with iCloud 104

Assign a Photo to a Contact 106

Add Social Media Information 108

Designate Related People 110

Set Individual Ringtones and Text Tones 112

Search for a Contact 113

Go to a Contact’s Website 115

Address Email Using Contacts 116

Share a Contact 118

View a Contact’s Location in Maps 120

Delete a Contact 121

Chapter 8: Communicating with FaceTime and Messages 123

Understand Who Can Use FaceTime 124

Get an Overview of FaceTime 124

Make a FaceTime Call with Wi-Fi or 3G/4G (LTE) 125

Accept and End a FaceTime Call 128

Switch Views 129

Set Up an iMessage Account 130

Use Messages to Address, Create, and Send Messages 132

Read Messages 133

Clear a Conversation 134

Send Emojis in Place of Text 135

Use the App Drawer 136

Send and Receive Audio 139

Send a Photo or Video 140

Send a Map of Your Location 141

Understand Group Messaging 142

Activate the Hide Alerts Feature 143

Chapter 9: Using Handy Utilities 145

Use the Calculator 145

Find Your Way with Compass 147

Record Voice Memos 150

Trim a Voice Memo 153

Share a Voice Memo 155

Chapter 10: Making Your iPhone More Accessible 157

Set Brightness 158

Change the Wallpaper 159

Set Up VoiceOver 161

Use VoiceOver 163

Use iPhone with Hearing Aids 167

Adjust the Volume 168

Set Up Subtitles and Captioning 170

Manage Other Hearing Settings 171

Turn On and Work with AssistiveTouch 172

Turn On Additional Physical and Motor Settings 173

Focus Learning with Guided Access 174

One-Handed Keyboard 176

Chapter 11: Conversing with Siri 179

Activate Siri 180

Understand All That Siri Can Do 183

Get Suggestions 185

Call Contacts 186

Create Reminders and Alerts 187

Add Tasks to Your Calendar 188

Play Music 189

Get Directions 190

Ask for Facts 192

Search the Web 193

Send Email, Messages, or Tweets 194

Use Dictation 194

Translate Words and Phrases 195

Type Your Commands or Questions 197

Get Helpful Tips 198

Part 3: Exploring the Internet 199

Chapter 12: Browsing with Safari 201

Connect to the Internet 202

Explore Safari 203

Navigate among Web Pages 205

Use Tabbed Browsing 207

View Browsing History 208

Search the Web 210

Add and Use Bookmarks 211

Save Links and Web Pages to Safari Reading List 213

Enjoy Reading More with Safari Reader 215

Add Web Clips to the Home Screen 216

Save Images to Your Photo Library 217

Send Links 218

Adjust Privacy Settings 219

Print Web Pages 222

Understand iCloud Tabs 223

Chapter 13: Working with Email in Mail 225

Add an Email Account 226

Manually Set Up an Email Account 227

Open Mail and Read Messages 229

Reply To or Forward Email 231

Create and Send a New Message 234

Format Email 235

Search Email 236

Mark Email as Unread or Flag for Follow-Up 238

Create an Event from Email Contents 239

Delete Email 240

Organize Email 242

Create a VIP List 243

Chapter 14: Expanding Your iPhone Horizons with Apps 245

Explore Senior-Recommended Apps 246

Search the App Store 248

Get Applications from the App Store 249

Organize Your Applications on Home Screens 251

Organize Apps in Folders 254

Delete Apps You No Longer Need 255

Offload Apps to Keep Data 256

Update Apps 259

Chapter 15: Socializing with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 261

Find and Install Social Media Apps 262

Create a Facebook Account 263

Customize Facebook Settings for Your iPhone 265

Create a Twitter Account 266

Create an Instagram Account 267

Part 4: Enjoying Media 269

Chapter 16: Shopping the iTunes Store 271

Explore the iTunes Store 272

Find a Selection 274

Preview Music, a Video, or an Audiobook 276

Buy a Selection 278

Rent Movies 280

Use Apple Pay and Wallet 282

Set Up Family Sharing 282

Chapter 17: Reading Books 285

Discover E-Reading 285

Find Books with Apple Books 286

Explore Other E-Book Sources 288

Buy Books 290

Navigate a Book 291

Adjust Brightness in Apple Books 293

Change the Font Size and Type 294

Chapter 18: Enjoying Music and Podcasts 297

View the Library Contents 298

Create Playlists 300

Search for Music 302

Play Music 303

Shuffle Music 305

Listen with Your Earbuds 306

Use AirPlay 306

Play Music with Radio 307

Find and Subscribe to Podcasts 308

Play Podcasts 311

Chapter 19: Taking and Sharing Photos 313

Take Pictures with the iPhone Cameras 314

Save Photos from the Web 318

View an Album 319

View Individual Photos 320

Edit Photos 321

Organize Photos 323

View Photos by Years and Location 324

Share Photos with Mail, Twitter, or Facebook 326

Share a Photo Using AirDrop 328

Share Photos Using iCloud Photo Sharing 330

Run a Slideshow 331

Delete Photos 332

Chapter 20: Creating and Watching Videos 333

Capture Your Own Videos with the Built-In Cameras 334

Play Movies or TV Shows with TV 335

Content from third-party providers 336

Content from iTunes 338

Turn On Closed-Captioning 340

Delete a Video from the iPhone 341

Chapter 21: Playing Games 343

Purchase and Download Games 343

Challenge Friends in Game Center 346

Chapter 22: Navigating with Maps 347

Go to Your Current Location 348

Change Views 349

Zoom In and Out 351

Go to Another Location or a Favorite 353

Drop a Marker (or Pin) 354

Find Directions 356

Get Turn-by-Turn Navigation Help 358

View and Share Information about a Location 360

Add a Location to a Contact 362

Find Local Places with Nearby 363

Part 5: Living with Your iPhone 365

Chapter 23: Keeping on Schedule with Calendar and Clock 367

View Your Calendar 368

Add Calendar Events 371

Add Events with Siri 372

Create Repeating Events 372

View an Event 374

Add Alerts 374

Search for an Event 376

Create a Calendar Account 376

Use a Family Calendar 379

Delete an Event 380

Display Clock 381

Delete a Clock 382

Set an Alarm 383

Set Bedtime and Waking Alerts 384

Use Stopwatch and Timer 386

Chapter 24: Working with Reminders and Notifications 389

Create a Reminder 390

Edit Reminder Details 391

Schedule a Reminder by Time or Location 392

Create a List 394

Sync with Other Devices and Calendars 395

Mark as Complete or Delete a Reminder 396

Set Notification Types 398

View Notification Center 400

Work with Notifications in Notification Center 401

Get Some Rest with Do Not Disturb 403

Chapter 25: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Your iPhone 405

Keep the iPhone Screen Clean 406

Protect Your Gadget with a Case 407

Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life 408

Deal with a Nonresponsive iPhone 409

Update the iOS Software 410

Restore the Sound 412

Get Support 413

Find a Missing iPhone 414

Back Up to iCloud 417

Index 421

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