Instagram For Business For Dummies

Instagram For Business For Dummies

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Put your best brand story in front of 1+ billion users! 

One of the most energetically social of the major social media platforms, Instagram has the highest brand engagement rate of them all. Throw in the app’s more than 1 billion active monthly users and its powerful business tools—including shoppable posts, devoted business profiles, and advanced analytics—and you have an unmissable opportunity to tell a gripping story that bonds you with your customers and makes your business an integral part of their social media lives. 

The latest edition of Instagram For Business For Dummies puts you in the picture on how to showcase your product, craft your narrative, and gather insight into how your customers experience and react to your business . Presented in straightforward, practical language by three Instagram and marketing gurus, you’ll swiftly go from setting up your account and profile to applying strategies for writing winning captions and creating content that deliver super-engaged customers.

  • Set up your account, profile, and analytics 
  • Upload content and get smart with IG Stories and live video 
  • Build and target paid advertising 
  • Master the art of the hashtag 

Whatever your current Instagram skill-level, there’s always somewhere new to take you’re the story of your business —and there’s no better way to begin a gripping new chapter in that story than with this book.  

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ISBN-13: 9781119696629
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/21/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 712,684
File size: 60 MB
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About the Author

Jenn Herman is a social media consultant, speaker, and globally recognized Instagram expert. Eric Butow is the owner of Butow Communications Group and the author of 30+ tech and computing books. Corey Walker is a marketing strategist and owner of The Marketing Specialist.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book 1

Foolish Assumptions 2

Icons Used in This Book 2

Beyond the Book 3

Where to Go from Here 3

Part 1 Creating Your Profile 5

Chapter 1 Installing Instagram 7

Moving Instagram to the Launch Pad 8

Installing on a Computer 9

Installing on a Windows PC (sort of) 9

Installing on a Mac (sort of) 11

Installing on Instagram's Native Platform 13

Installing on an iPhone 13

Installing on an iPad 14

Instagram Has Android Covered, Too 15

No App? No Problem: Instagram is on the Web 16

Starting to Gram Instantly 18

Starting Instagram on a computer 19

Starting Instagram on a mobile device 20

Chapter 2 Setting Up Your Profile 21

Professional Profile Practices 21

Choosing a name and username for your business 22

Choosing a profile photo that attracts customers 25

Writing a Bio That Draws in Followers 26

Deciding what information to include 26

Formatting your bio 28

Using a call to action to drive website traffic 29

Choosing a website link that encourages clicks 30

Taking Advantage of a Business Profile Upgrade 31

Connecting to a Facebook page 32

Navigating your business profile 33

Chapter 3 Hitting Your Target Audience 35

Organizing Your Marketing Goals and Roles 36

Assembling your Instagram team 36

Determining your brand voice 37

Envisioning your look 38

Gathering Post Ideas 41

Researching your competition 41

Determining post content 43

Creating a content calendar 44

Evaluating third-party scheduling and analytics platforms 46

Part 2 Creating Your Narrative 49

Chapter 4 Taking and Posting Great Photos 51

Taking Your Best Shot 52

Improving Your Best Shot 53

Applying a filter 53

Tweaking with the editing tools 55

Saving your changes (or not) 58

Enriching Your Photo 59

Describing your photo 59

It's good to have options 60

Posting Your Photos: Ta Da! 63

Uploading Photos from Your Camera Roll 63

Uploading Multiple Photos to One Post 65

Selecting multiple photos 65

Applying filters and adding photos 66

Editing photos individually 67

Adding information and sharing your photos 67

Chapter 5 Recording and Posting Great Videos 69

Recording Your Day 70

Filming with a smartphone or tablet 70

Recording multiple video clips 72

Deleting video clips 72

Checking out your video 73

Improving Your Video 73

Applying a filter 74

Changing the cover frame 74

Adding details 75

Posting Your Video 75

Uploading a Stored Video 76

Uploading Multiple Videos from an iPhone or iPad 77

Part 3 Planting Your Garden 79

Chapter 6 Commenting and Direct Messaging 81

Before You Share, Stop and Think 81

Sharing on Other Social Media Sites 82

Copying and pasting a link to another social network 83

Embedding your photo or video on a web page 83

Sending Photos and Videos Privately 86

Replying to a direct message by sending a photo 86

Starting a new conversation by sending a photo 87

Starting a new text conversation and adding a photo 88

Resuming a previous conversation 89

Garnering Comments 90

Including a caption 90

Mentioning your followers 90

Reviewing Your Comments 91

Deciding to respond or delete 92

Reporting Commenters When All Else Fails 94

Reporting a commenter 95

Blocking a commenter 96

Chapter 7 Finding People to Follow 97

Where Are My Peeps? 98

Finding your Facebook friends 98

Syncing your contact list 99

Finding New Friends 100

Exploring the Explore function 100

Searching the Search feature 101

Letting Instagram suggest users to you 102

Following Your Industry 103

Watching your competition 103

Getting noticed by big brands 104

Deciding Whom to Follow Back 106

Viewing and following your followers 106

Reciprocating a follow or not 107

Finding Your Insta-Tribe 108

Finding or creating a community you vibe with 108

Deciding whether Instagram pods are beneficial 110

Chapter 8 Wielding the Power of the Hashtag 113

Investigating Hashtags 113

Following Hashtag Best Practices 115

Placing hashtags so you don't annoy people 115

Knowing how many hashtags are best 116

Popular hashtags and when to use them 117

Storing hashtags for later 118

Tracking hashtag analytics 119

Researching the Right Hashtags 121

Checking out the competition 121

Picking up on related hashtags 123

Discovering what the cool kids are doing (influencer hashtags) 125

Creating a Branded Hashtag 126

Hashtagyour promotion or contest 126

Gathering user-generated content 128

Part 4 Making Your Garden Grow 129

Chapter 9 Sharing with Instagram Stories 131

Checking Out Instagram Stories 132

Getting Started 133

Creating an Instagram Story in the app 133

Uploading a photo or video from your camera roll 135

Saving Your Story 136

Using Direct Messages to Send a Story 137

Determining the Best Content to Share 139

Talking to your audience 139

Providing before-and-after and series shots 139

Peeking behind the scenes 141

Showing your travels 141

Advertising Your Story 142

Chapter 10 Making Your Story More Fun 143

Creating Graphics for Stories 143

Adding Text and Username Tags 146

Drawing on Your Story 148

Stickers and Tags 149

Addinga Link to Your Website 151

Using Boomerang to Keep Fans Coming Back 152

Making Funny Faces with Face Filters 153

Using Instagram LIVE 154

Getting started with LIVE 155

Developing a game plan 156

Alerting your fans 157

Acknowledging LIVE followers 158

Saving and repurposing LIVE broadcasts 158

Chapter 11 Planning a Winning Ad 159

Selecting the Right Ad Type 159

Photo ad 161

Video ad 162

Carousel ad 162

Stories ad 163

Using an Effective Ad Strategy 164

Design requirements 164

Selecting your target audience 165

Choosing ad images wisely 166

A caption can speak (less than) 1,000 words 169

Chapter 12 Creating an Effective Instagram Ad 171

Using the Instagram Mobile App to Create an Ad 172

Using Facebook to Create an Ad 173

Creating a photo, video, or carousel ad in Ads Manager 174

Running an Instagram Stories ad in Ads Manager 178

Running an ad in Power Editor 179

Monitoring your Instagram ad 183

A/B Testing 183

Measuring Your Ad Results 185

Viewing Insights via Instagram 185

Viewing Insights via Facebook Ads Manager 187

Chapter 13 Creating a Winning Contest 189

Exploring the Benefits of Hosting Instagram Contests 189

Following the Rules and Restrictions for Running Contests 190

Listing the official contest rules 191

Releasing Instagram of any involvement 192

Planning a Successful Contest 192

Stating your contest goals 193

Choosing a prize 193

Establishing entry requirements 194

Defining the rules or conditions 195

Determining the contest's length 195

Figuring out the promotion schedule 195

Choosing a hashtag 195

Designing contest images 196

Crafting post captions for the contest 197

Deciding how winners will be chosen and notified 198

Outlining who will respond to contest engagement 198

Executing a Winning Contest 199

Following Up 200

Chapter 14 Connecting Your Marketing Dots 203

Incorporating Instagram in Your Marketing Mix 203

Connecting Instagram to Other Social Networks 204

Including Instagram on Your Website 206

Linking your website to your Instagram page 207

Allowing others to share your content via Instagram 208

Embedding your Instagram feed on your website 209

Promoting Instagram on Printed Materials 210

Incorporating Instagram into an Event or Promotion 211

Monitoring Your Instagram Stats 214

Using Instagram's native analytics 215

Best third-party apps for Instagram analytics 216

Part 5 Why Isn't This Working? 221

Chapter 15 Insta-Diagnosing Instagram 223

Installation Issues 223

Dealing with compatibility issues 224

Checking your space 225

Unfreezing an installation on your iPhone or iPad 227

Finding a missing app on your iPhone or iPad 227

Resolving issues on an Android device 227

Log-In Difficulties 227

Checking your username 228

Fixing password issues 228

Dealing with a disabled account 231

Finding Relief for Common Problems 231

Instagram won't share 231

Getting Instagram to notify you 233

Nothing Is Working … Now What? 234

Reporting a problem on your iPhone or iPad 234

Reporting a problem on your Android smartphone or tablet 235

Getting Rid of Error Messages 235

Can't add a comment 236

Can't delete comments 236

Can't refresh feed 237

Can't follow anyone else 237

Chapter 16 Insta-Help Is on the Way 239

Taking Advantage of Instagram's Help 239

Accessing Help Center 240

Visiting Privacy and Safety Center 242

Viewing Instagram Business web pages 243

Tapping Social Media 244

Sending a message on Facebook 245

Tweeting and being tweeted 245

Reading the Instagram blog 246

Visiting the Instagram Business blog 248

Joining a Community 249

Joining other Instagrammers in an InstaMeet 249

Starting an InstaMeet 250

Visiting Reddit and Topix 251

Part 6 The Part of Tens 255

Chapter 17 Ten Brands Killing It on Instagram 257

GoPro 257

Yellowillow 258

Sugarandcloth 259

RPMItalian 259

EmilyJoyRosen 260

TheLoveBombCo 260

The.Book.Report 261

LaJollaMom 261

TSA 262

GeneralElectric 263

Chapter 18 Ten Places to Find Inspiration 265

Investigate the Explore Page 265

Review Hashtag Searches Related to Your Brand 266

Spy on Your Competitors 268

Get Inspiration from Local Businesses 268

Check Out Your Favorite Products 269

Look to Photographers 270

Get Inspired by Bloggers 271

Find Big Brands That Are Being Creative 272

Learn from Instagram and Marketing Experts 272

Follow the Instagram for Business Account 273

Index 275

Customer Reviews