by Christina Trasacco


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Have you ever had your individuality questioned or challenged? It can be a painful experience!

How did you handle it? Read and see how Indigo did.

" Indigo " is the ultimate symbol of individualism, however, his was not a choice. Most of his experiences, trials and tribulations bring the same feelings that children, and many adults, go through in life trying to imitate or mirror others' idiosyncrasies.

It's only when they learn to be comfortable "in their own skin" that they achieve peace of mind and happiness.

"Indigo" is the story of a giraffe who turns blue from very peculiar circumstances.

No matter what is attempted to remedy this whimsical character's appearance, it doesn't help.

He decides to travel across the country to find his niche and rid himself of this inferiority complex. His experiences are comical and subliminally teach lessons.

It is a story for all to enjoy!

I am a mother of three grown sons, and a grandmother of two teenagers.

Working in Special Needs classrooms, as well as regular inclusion classrooms, for almost thirty years has given me much opportunity to observe while working with the children. I have come to realize, first hand, that we all have issues that infringe on our social and academic endeavors.

Watching all children and feeling their emotions is one of the main reasons that prompted me to write "Indigo."

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