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Imaginary Someone

Imaginary Someone


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A fictional memoir of 45 years in the life of an imaginary author in America. The persistence of inspiration overcomes all the obstacles, or as Herman Melville said: "The pursuit of poetry under difficulties." Featuring poems, short stories, drawings and lessons for all ages, especially for those who are chosen to be a writer.

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ISBN-13: 9781646335602
Publisher: good deed rain
Publication date: 02/14/2020
Pages: 202
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.46(d)

Table of Contents

A Mountain Stream Memory

A Long Time Ago in California

A Movie Cupped in the Hands

My Rocket School

Good Morning


A Girl

The Ghost Town

Mockingbird Clock

Garage Theater

Night Flight

Very Far Away

August 16, 1975

The Blue House

The Count




North 48th Street

Carried Along By the Wind

The Klickitat

Friday Harbor


The $5 Ghost

The Flight to Mars

Blue Eyes

Clock Radio

What Sad Flowers


Typing Class

Twice the Sun

My First Date


Me & Mars

Origami Brother


A Nautical Memory

On the Road to the Ocean

More than One Blue Moon

The Story Just Happened Like the Radio On

Fred Again

How to Open a Coconut

Asleep on a Steamship

In New Orleans


The Dummy Family


A Frog and A Pig


3 Ghosts

A Couple Hundred Years Ago

Life is a Movie Always Waiting to Come True

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Dolphin Trainer

Perfect Chance

Why Models Stand the Way They Do

The Green Chairs

The Brooklyn Deer

Castle in the Desert

A Famous Author

A 20 Year Old Movie


What’s Wrong? I Heard Voices

A Letter from 1990

A Bargain with Emily Dickinson

Dante’s Grill

The History of Motown

Her Comfort Disappeared in Green Smoke

Miles To Go Before We Sleep

It Could Only Be Loud, With Electricity, in the Dark



September 4, 1991

The Dragonfly


The Little Black Cat

The Curse Trance


Gasworks Stars

Good Day Tea


Walls Could Be Walked Through

The Television Bodhisattva

Royalty Toy Company

December 11, 1992

The Princess of Sadness

April 18, 1994

June 10, 1994

Her Spells

The Old Goat

Clinton Street

Filming Caruso

Still Creek

In the Steam

The Love Nest

Back to Memory

A Baby

The Greyhound

The $50 Rabbit

This is Who

Ohio Tornado

The Kaleidoscope Cat

The Opening Act

A Garage in Ohio

The 1940s

State Farm

The ½ Creature

A Factory Job

The Bicycle Tomb

Slow Leak

Franklin Lilacs

River Stones

On a Wet Corner

King Medicine

September 24, 2010

A Living by Writing

The Journal of the Mermaid Translation, part 1

The Journal of the Mermaid Translation, part 2

The Journal of the Mermaid Translation, part 3

Ohio Silver Mine

The Bicycle Chronicles

The 5 Year Old Land

Walking with a Flower

One Raining Night

North Cascades

The Poetry Phenomenon

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