I Was Elvis Presley's Bastard Love-Child

I Was Elvis Presley's Bastard Love-Child

I Was Elvis Presley's Bastard Love-Child

I Was Elvis Presley's Bastard Love-Child


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Andy Darlington has been interviewing Rock's luminaries and legends for several decades-spurred on as a child in the late-sixties by testosterone, the napalm that was Elvis and hopes to bed hippie chicks. I Was Elvis Presley's Bastard Love-Child collects together his timeless and engaging conversations with a diverse selection of artists and band members, amongst whom are included: Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Country Joe McDonald, Grace Slick, Kraftwerk, Cabaret Voltaire, The Byrds, Can, The Kinks, Mott The Hoople, The Fall, Siouxie And The Banshees, The Stone Roses, and Skunk Anansie.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781900486170
Publisher: Headpress
Publication date: 03/25/2002
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.70(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword: fractured art/splintered stories7
Introduction: I was Elvis presley's bastard love-child9
Leftfield: let's get electrified17
Joe meek: death of 'the telstar man'25
The kinks: Dave Davies: the kink that time forgot37
The byrds: Gene Clark: stranger than known51
Fleetwood mac: Peter Green: splintered59
Countryjoe & the fish: return of the superbird75
Jefferson airplane: Grace slick: better living through chemistry85
Led zeppelin: Robert Plant: heavy plant crossing105
Kraftwerk: Ralf Hutter comes to say hello to the machine spirit119
Mott the hoople: Ian Hunter: it's a long way133
Can: Holger Czukay: on the way to the peak of the hyper-normal143
Siouxsie & the banshees: mad-eyed screamers of the twilight zone155
The fall: Mark E Smith: the man whose head expanded?165
Cabaret voltaire: despatches from silicon valley175
Stone roses: into the new stone age191
Skunk anansie: revenge of the skunks203
Radio annie nightingale: at the wicked speed of sound211
Thoughts & words: my back pages219
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