H.P. Lovecraft: The Alchemist

H.P. Lovecraft: The Alchemist


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For over 600 years the male descendants of the Chabrillane family have all inexplicably perished on their 32nd birthday. The legend of the curse began the night Henri Chabrillane, killed the alchemist Michel Mauvis. Michel's son, Charles, Le Sorcier cursed the Chabrillanes. Henri was 32 years old that night, and no male descendant has lived to see age 33. Now, the last Count de Chabrillane is about to turn 32.

This Lovecraft tale is adapted by award winning comic writer Steven Philip Jones (CALIBER's Sherlock Holmes, Dracula). Lovecraft is considered one of America's most innovative and popular American horror writers. The master of the weird tale during the first decades of the 20th Century until his premature death in 1937, Lovecraft's distinctive style and canon of work has influenced many authors. Jones takes the classic tale and while remaining true to the source, brings them into the modern age which can sometimes make the horror even more terrifying. This tale is illustrated by Octavio Cariello who has worked on DC's Green Lantern, Deathstroke, Black Lightning, and MARVEL's X-Men comic series.

In addition to the comic book adaptation this volume also contains the original Lovecraft published story as written by him.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942351535
Publisher: Caliber Comics
Publication date: 01/20/2016
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.11(d)

About the Author

Steven Philip Jones is a writer, reviewer and editor. His most recent books include The Clive Cussler Adventures: A Critical Review and Comics Writing: Communicating with Comics. His comics credits include adaptations of the film Re-Animator and Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, and the original series Nightlinger and Street Heroes. Jones is also co-creator with Barb Jacobs of the award-nominated fantasy series Talismen.

Octavio Cariello has been working in comics since 1986 for publishers like DC, Marvel, Malibu, Innovation and Caliber. His credits include Green Lantern, Black Lightning, X-Men, and an adaptation of Anne Rice's Queen of the Damned. In 1997, Octavio helped found The Comics Factory in his native Brazil, an art school as well as an art studio that provides illustrations for American comics companies.

H. P. Lovecraft is often cited as one of the three titans of American horror along with Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King. His fiction continues to influence horror and fantasy writers while creations like Cthulhu, the Necronomicon and Herbert West have become horror icons.

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