Honey Trap

Honey Trap

by JJ Marsh


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British crime fiction where characters become people and place is part of the story.

A half truth is a whole lie.

Ecco, the world-famous Michelin-starred restaurant in Naples, has a problem. A chef is dead and there’s a spy in the kitchen, selling their secrets to competitors. What they need is a food-loving detective to go undercover. Isabella Lopez knows just the person.

Over Holy Week in Italy, Beatrice Stubbs takes on her first paid job as a private investigator, accompanied by family and friends. Posing as a wannabe pastry chef, her job is to hook the worm out of the apple.

Meanwhile, her men folk explore the city, the volcano and the ruins of Pompeii, followed by a man in a black beret. Who or what does he want?

At the restaurant, kitchen staff are scared and mistrustful, the head chef is explosive and Beatrice’s culinary skills lack finesse. The pressure is on. She sets a trap for the mole before anyone else gets killed.

The Neapolitan family network and business links grow increasingly tangled, dragging in everyone Beatrice loves. This catch is bigger than she thought and she can’t handle it alone.

Has PI Stubbs bitten off more than she can chew?

Each book works as a stand-alone novel.

If you enjoy Andrea Camilleri, Peter Grainger and Donna Leon, you'll love Honey Trap.

“A thrilling new direction for Beatrice Stubbs amidst the chaos, beauty and gastronomy of historical Naples.”– Liza Perrat, author of The Bone Angel Series

"I thoroughly enjoyed Jill Marsh's presentation of a hot and flustered Beatrice Stubbs amidst Italian pots, pans and flans, who at the flick of a whisk, manages to regain her cool and resolve a tricky Neapolitan intrigue and murder." – Janys Hyde, owner at Creative Retreats, Italy

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ISBN-13: 9783952507766
Publisher: Prewett Bielmann Gmbh
Publication date: 07/01/2019
Series: Beatrice Stubbs Series , #8
Pages: 282
Sales rank: 445,274
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.64(d)

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