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Hey, It's Only A Story

Hey, It's Only A Story

by Hamilton B. Bowman


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Almost everything we read about the history of early Christianity comes from the Jewish Bible, composed during their captivity in Babylonia from about 500 to 450 BCE. Thus, right from the start, the information is old, and, after centuries of changes by rabbis, popes, and kings-not to mention translation errors-there is no way we can tell whether what we read is accurate, if anything written that many years ago can be said to be accurate. Thus the reason for the title of this book: Hey, It's Only a Story!

The book contains short summary biographies of Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Jesus, and Paul-the major figures in the history of Christianity-and includes some of the mystifying incidents in their lives. It is not a religious text but rather a who, what, when, and where story of their influences on history. If you had doubts about some of these stories, you should find some answers here.

Also included are two sections about what life was like in those early days-how people communicated, how they kept time, and how they conducted their commerce. A short list of definitions of words and objects is part of this section.


inally, the last chapter is a timeline, placing in context events that took place from the time of the Garden of Eden to the landing on the moon.

The book is short on purpose...the author has heard enough long sermons!

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