Helicopter Pilot Oral Exam Guide

Helicopter Pilot Oral Exam Guide

by Ryan Dale
Helicopter Pilot Oral Exam Guide

Helicopter Pilot Oral Exam Guide

by Ryan Dale

Paperback(Second Edition)

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ASA’s Oral Exam Guide Series is an excellent study tool for students and instructors alike. Arranged in a question-and-answer format, this comprehensive guide lists the questions most likely to be asked by examiners and provides succinct, ready responses. Use when you’re gearing up for the Practical Exam, as well as for a general refresher. FAA references are provided throughout for further study.

This second edition of the Helicopter Pilot Oral Exam Guide by Ryan Dale has been updated to reflect the latest regulations and procedures. This invaluable resource serves as a supplement to ASA’s Oral Exam Guide Series. When used with the corresponding oral exam guide, this book prepares students for the oral portion of their private, instrument, commercial, flight instructor, or ATP helicopter checkride.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781619540101
Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.
Publication date: 10/12/2012
Series: Oral Exam Guide series
Edition description: Second Edition
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Ryan Dale is a helicopter CFI who enjoys people almost as much as he enjoys flying. Ryan was working towards his instructor certificate when he saw the need for more resources for aspiring helicopter pilots. He wrote the Helicopter Oral Exam Guide and Helicopter Maneuvers Manual to help other pilots pass exams and reach their goals in flying.

Ryan Dale holds both airplane and helicopter instructor ratings and works for a regional flight training company that trains pilots in their King Air 300 airplane and simulator. He also manages the helicopter simulator program that trains pilots for inadvertent IMC and brown/whiteout scenarios.

Table of Contents

Introduction: How To Use This Book vii

Private Pilot

1 Certificates and Documents 3

2 Cross-Country Flight Planning 5

3 Performance and Limitations 7

A Aerodynamics 7

B Weight and Balance 11

C Retreating Blade Stall 13

D Height/Velocity Diagram 13

E Operating Limitations 14

4 Additional Study Questions 17

5 Helicopter Systems 19

A Flight Controls 19

B Powerplant 20

C Main Rotor, Anti-Torque Rotor, and Transmission 21

D Landing Gear 22

E Fuel, Oil, and Hydraulic 23

F Electrical 24

G Flight Instruments 25

H Environmental 26

I Carburetor Heat 26

6 Emergency Operations 29

A Power Failure at a Hover 29

B Power Failure at Altitude 29

C Systems and Equipment Malfunctions 30

D Settling-With-Power 32

E Low RPM Recovery 33

F Anti-Torque System Failure 33

G Dynamic Rollover 34

H Ground Resonance 35

I Low-G Conditions 36

Instrument Pilot

1 Instrument Helicopter I-3

Commercial Pilot

1 Certificates and Documents C-3

A Privileges and Limitations C-3

B Aircraft Certificates and Documents C-5

2 Cross-Country Flight Planning C-7

3 Performance and Limitations C-11

A Adverse Effects of Exceeding Limitations C-11

B Height/Velocity Diagram C-12

C Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness C-13

D Operating Limitations C-13

4 Aircraft Performance Charts C-15

5 Helicopter Systems C-17

A Primary Flight Controls C-17

B Powerplant C-18

C Main Rotor and Anti-Torque Rotor C-20

D Helicopter Skids, Brakes, Steering, or Frame C-22

E Electrical C-23

F Avionics Equipment C-23

6 Emergency Procedures C-25

A Power Failure at Altitude C-25

B Low Rotor RPM C-26

C Dynamic Rollover C-26

D Retreating Blade Stall C-28

Certified Flight Instructor

1 Principles of Flight CFI-3

A Characteristics of Different Rotor Systems CFI-3

B Effect of Lift, Weight, Thrust, and Drag CFI-3

C Torque Effect CFI-7

D Dissymmetry of Lift CFI-8

E Blade Flapping and Coning CFI-8

F Coriolis Effect CFI-9

G Translating Tendency CFI-9

H Translational Lift CFI-10

I Pendular Action CFI-10

2 Helicopter Flight Controls CFI-11

3 Logbook Entries and Certificate Endorsements CFI-13

4 Hovering Maneuvers CFI-17

A Normal Takeoff To a Hover CFI-17

B Surface Taxi CFI-19

C Hover Taxi CFI-21

D Air Taxi CFI-22

E Slope Operations CFI-24

5 Takeoffs, Landings, and Go-Arounds CFI-27

A Normal Takeoff From a Hover CFI-27

B Max Performance Takeoff CFI-29

C Rolling/Running Takeoff CFI-31

D Normal Approach: CFI-33

E Steep Approach CFI-35

F Running/Roll-On Landing CFI-38

G Go-Around CFI-40

6 Fundamentals of Flight CFI-43

A Straight-and-Level Flight CFI-43

B Level Turns CFI-44

C Normal Climbs CFI-45

D Normal Descent CFI-47

7 Performance Maneuvers CFI-49

A Rapid Deceleration (Quick Stop) CFI-49

B Straight-In Autorotation CFI-51

C 180° Autorotation CFI-54

8 Emergency Operations CFI-59

A Power Failure at a Hover CFI-59

B Power Failure at Altitude CFI-61

C Vortex Ring State (Settling With Power) CFI-63

D Low RPM Recovery CFI-65

E Anti-Torque System Failure CFI-66

F Dynamic Rollover CFI-68

G Ground Resonance CFI-69

H Low-G Conditions CFI-70

9 Special Operations CFI-73

A High, Low, Ground Reconnaissance CFI-73

B Confined Area Operation CFI-74

C Pinnacle/Platform Operation CFI-76

Airline Transport Pilot

1 Equipment Examination ATP-3

A Landing Gear ATP-3

B Powerplant and Transmission ATP-3

C Fuel System ATP-4

D Oil Systems ATP-4

E Hydraulic System ATP-5

F Electrical System ATP-8

2 Regulations ATP-11

Appendix-Maneuvers Tables

Normal Maneuver Speeds for the R-22 A-3

Practical Test Standards-Private and Commercial A-4

Practical Test Standards-Instrument A-6

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