Heaven Here on Earth: Explore How & Why Heaven is Accessible to Us

Heaven Here on Earth: Explore How & Why Heaven is Accessible to Us

by Curt Melliger


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While attending catechism class as a child, Curt Melliger was taught that if he obeyed the rules all his life he would be allowed to enter a place called Heaven when he died. The priest and nuns described it as a sacred abode up in the clouds that contained all of the very best things in the universe. There was sunshine and blue sky, pretty flowers and double rainbows, peace and happiness, ringing bells and beautiful music, saints and angels and the all-enveloping love of God. The young boy's mind processed this information and came to the stunning conclusion: "Why, they're talking about Earth!"

Since that early revelation Curt has been discovering other examples of paradise incarnate wherever he goes. This book is a collection of stories on subjects ranging from water, fire, and stars to adrenaline rushes, near-death experiences, and the place where goosebumps originate, from skiing powder and climbing high mountains and walking in reverse to the changing of seasons, the lessons of night, and the reason for dreams, from wild animals, unseen visitors, and beings that do not die to the magic of the human touch, beatific ecstasy, and what awaits us on the other side of the veil that only partially separates this golden realm from the perfect one.

For the Ultimate is much closer than we have been led to believe. Indeed, it is readily available right here on this planet, this Garden of Eden, this one-of-a-kind oasis in space.

Right now.

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ISBN-13: 9781940265537
Publisher: Ozark Mountain Publishing
Publication date: 10/15/2018
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Curt Melliger grew up in the very middle of America and left at age 17 to see the rest of it. During and after his travels he worked a number of jobs including pearl diver, pool cleaner, garbage collector, door-to-door solicitor for the Polish Relief Fund, railroader, bridge builder, engine mechanic, apprentice lineman, night watchman, carpenter, custodian, and caregiver before discovering his true calling in 2004. Since then over 80 of his articles have appeared in a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, and literary journals including Alaska, Bird Watcher's Digest, Catholic Digest, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Cribbage World, Mountain Gazette, New Mexico, Oregon Coast, and Snowy Egret. Window Full of Rain is Curt's first book and a new take on an ancient, almost forgotten subject: Access to heaven while still on earth. He currently lives near Cortez, Colorado, where he spends his free time exploring the wild places.

Table of Contents

Introduction i

Ecstasy in Motion 1

Riding the Dragon 4

Summit of Silver 8

Thank You Times Three 13

Through the Rainbow 16

The Blood of Earth 19

Bridges 23

Upon Awakening 26

Middle of Night Ode to Joy 34

On the Dark Side of the Earth 37

Edge of the Flames 41

Things That Do Not Fade 44

Angel in the Room 47

The Mother Goddess Mountain 52

The Upper Falls 56

Snow Light 64

Window Full of Rain 69

Road to Nowhere 73

Walking Backward 76

The Movement of Trees in the Forest 79

A Day Without Wind 85

Still Life with Cactus Flowers 88

Patient as a Predator 94

The Doing of Dishes 98

The Hands of God 101

An Oasis in Space 105

Life at Three Miles an Flour 108

The Swallow People 112

The Vallecito Lake Monster 118

House of Many Rooms 121

Dream Mesa 126

Earth Quakies 129

The Gray Season 133

Colors of the Cold 136

Waking the Bears 139

The Little Girl Who Loved Lilacs 144

Teacher in a Wheelchair 146

The Can Lady 149

The Only Hippie in the Oklahoma Panhandle 152

Epiphany on Grand Mesa 159

First Light 165

The Land of Yonder 168

The List 170

References 173

About the Author 175

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