Head Pain Natural Relief: Discover Why You Get Headaches And Migraines And How To Make Them Stop!

Head Pain Natural Relief: Discover Why You Get Headaches And Migraines And How To Make Them Stop!

by Kathryn Merrow


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There are reasons why your head hurts. In fact, there may be several reasons. You will find them in this book and you will also discover how to get rid of them!

"Your book is one for the ages. It's like having a first aid kit in the house. Something you can always refer to." - Maurice Chuka.

You will also discover simple steps to get rid of your headaches and migraines naturally.

Here's a testimonial from 'Fine Print': "This book is loaded with practical tips from the author's professional and personal experience with headaches.

If you're suffering from a migraine headache right now, I recommend that you skip directly to the chapter called "What helps a migraine RIGHT NOW?" for some easy and effective ways to start relieving the pain right away. You may also want to take a look at the sections that start with "Trigger points which cause head pain" and use the helpful diagrams and massage tips the author includes to track down and treat the source of your headache. (An example of her massage tips: certain muscles respond better to being "lifted," "pushed up," or "unrolled front to back" rather than simply being pressed in on.)

Once you're past an immediate headache crisis, go back and read the entire book to get a comprehensive look at the possible causes for your headaches and some all-natural ways to reduce or even permanently eliminate them. I picked up a number of quick and easy tips from this book that I can start using today to immediately reduce my headache frequency and intensity.

Plus the author's tips on posture, exercise, diet, sleeping positions, and more are arming me with a plan for making myself less vulnerable to headaches in the future. Thanks for the pain relief, Kathryn!"

Pain Relief Coach Kathryn Merrow will help you understand why your head hurts and how to get rid of your head pain. When you are done reading this book you will understand more about the causes of headaches than most doctors know.

Topics include:

Migraines in Children, Causes of Migraines, Muscles and Headaches, Trigger Points, How to Self-Treat Trigger Points, Headache Posture,
How to Correct Your Posture, What is a Migraine? What Helps a Migraine Right Now? Yoga for Head Pain, Other Causes of Headaches, Muscle Tension Headaches, How to Get Rid of Tension Headaches, Heat Therapy or Cold Therapy, Food and Headaches, Morning Headaches, Relief without Drugs, Surgery for Headaches, Massage for Headaches, How to Sleep without Headaches, How to Feel Better, and much, much more.

And when you take the steps to get rid of your headaches naturally you will have a big additional benefit: You will feel better all over!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780615747934
Publisher: Mind Touch Communications LLC
Publication date: 01/15/2013
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.17(d)

About the Author

Author Kathryn Merrow is a Pain Relief Specialist who has provided well over 20,000 manual therapy sessions primarily for people in pain. In addition to all of those clients, she also learned how to correct her own painful conditions--including scoliosis and migraine headaches--and has accumulated a lot of knowledge that she freely shares.

Kathryn feels fortunate that she had excellent instruction from geniuses in the field of natural pain relief that many people do not access. She enjoys sharing their information.

When she writes, she can 'get her hands on' many more people than when she treats one at a time. Kathryn uses simple, easy to understand language to help you discover why you hurt. She also explains the simple steps to get rid of your pain naturally.

Kathryn says:

"When you understand the real reasons for your pain, you will understand how to get rid of your pain, naturally. Your body follows natural laws as all bodies do. Muscles and soft tissues are the primary and most overlooked causes of physical pain. When your body hurts, there is a reason. Let's get rid of the reason. I don't know everything but I know a lot. I'm not a doctor but I understand how bodies get into pain and how to feel better naturally."

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