Hard Times Create Strong Men: Why the World Craves Leadership and How You Can Step Up to Fill the Need

Hard Times Create Strong Men: Why the World Craves Leadership and How You Can Step Up to Fill the Need

by Stefan Aarnio
Hard Times Create Strong Men: Why the World Craves Leadership and How You Can Step Up to Fill the Need

Hard Times Create Strong Men: Why the World Craves Leadership and How You Can Step Up to Fill the Need

by Stefan Aarnio


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What does it mean to be a man in the modern world?

Throughout history, being a man has meant different things. Maybe being a man was about being a good hunter, or a good soldier, a good businessman or maybe good with women. Hard Times Creates Strong Men examines what it means to be a man in the modern world relative to money, sex, religion and politics. This book examines what worked and what doesn’t work based on proven history instead of feelings. This book is raw, real and politically incorrect, it will threaten and challenge your ideas of what does it mean to be a man and how to better serve your purpose.

As the cycles of history proves over and over again:

Hard Times Create Strong Men
Strong Men Create Good Times
Good Times Create Weak Men
Weak Men Create Hard times
Hard Times Create Strong Men

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781949572056
Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing
Publication date: 04/01/2019
Series: Hard Times , #1
Pages: 624
Sales rank: 86,191
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.70(d)

About the Author

Stefan Aarnio is an award winning real estate investor, award winning serial entrepreneur, author of multiple books and educator. Having built his fortune through purchasing real estate at 40-60 cents on the dollar, Stefan became an avid student of negotiation at a young age testing and learning the principles in this book first hand in the real world. On a day-to-day basis, Stefan is the CEO of two multi million dollar companies and travels the world educating business people and entrepreneurs to bring forward the next generation of success.

Table of Contents

Dedication xiii

Ground Zero xxi

Zeitgeist: A Spirit of the Times xxiii

Why I Had to Write This Book xxix

The Millennial Problem xxxix

At the Risk of Being Hated for Laying Down a Dose of Cold Brutal Truth li

Why This Book is Not About Strong People or Strong Women lxvii

Part I Money and Work 1

Chapter 1 Hard Times Create Strong Men 5

Chapter 2 A Man's Purpose is his Work; You are Not a Unique and Beautiful Snowflake 11

Chapter 3 Making the Leap from Good to Great 31

Chapter 4 Good Men are Not Nice Men 47

Chapter 5 Attack of the Man-Boys 61

Chapter 6 The Invention of the Teenager and De-Evolution into "Emerging Adults" 73

Chapter 7 Men Solve Problems; Video Games Solve Men 85

Chapter 8 Be Strong but Flexible, Bend Instead of Breaking 97

Chapter 9 What Does it Mean to Be a Man? Jack and the Beanstalk 105

Chapter 10 Great Expectations 117

Part II Sex, Women, Children, and Family 131

Chapter 11 What Women Want 135

Chapter 12 How to Live Your Purpose and Give Women What They Really Want 141

Chapter 13 What Men Want in Women 155

Chapter 14 Fun Women Versus Marriageable Women 169

Chapter 15 On Selecting a Woman 177

Chapter 16 Hypergamy 187

Chapter 17 Why Manipulation and Pickup Artistry Never Work in the Long Run 203

Chapter 18 Rampant Homosexuality 217

Chapter 19 How Do You Choose a Gender from 63 Genders? What Roles do We Play? 237

Chapter 20 The Destruction of Men and the Family 253

Chapter 21 Pornography 275

Part III Religion, God, and the New Gods of Men: Money and Go

Chapter 22 Religion from a Functional Perspective 301

Chapter 23 New God-Money, the Economic Genocide of the Middle Class 311

Chapter 24 Native American Genocide 335

Chapter 25 New God-"Science" and Worthless Academia 345

Chapter 26 New God-Atheism: Killing the Sacred Cows 355

Part IV Politics, a System of Organized Hate and the Systematic Extinction of the West 381

Chapter 27 In the Land of the Blind 385

Chapter 28 Masculine Vs. Feminine Political Power 391

Chapter 29 The World Belongs to Warrior Cultures 409

Chapter 30 Extinction: The Obsolescence of Men 417

Chapter 31 A History of Violence 427

Chapter 32 Barbarians at the Gates 445

Chapter 33 The Empire Strikes First 473

Chapter 34 Why "Shithole" Countries are Indeed "Shitholes" 481

Chapter 35 Should Our Civilization Go 500 Years Backwards? 495

Chapter 36 Women and the Fall of Man 503

Afterword 515

Story of My Father: It's Never Too Late for Redemption 517

Revelations 529

Hard Times Permissions 541

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