Haiku Cats: Haiku Cat Poems from a Very Mystical Cat

Haiku Cats: Haiku Cat Poems from a Very Mystical Cat

by Peggy Stevens


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If You Love Cats, These Haiku Cat Poems Will Touch Your Heart

Do you love cats? If you love cats, you don't have to explain why. You just do. You love the softness of their fur. The way they settle into your lap for a nap. The way they sit so elegantly, watching and waiting.

Have You Ever Felt a Bond with a Special Cat?

Have you ever felt a connection between you and a particular cat? A connection that is beyond words, beyond logic, beyond any rational explanation. The only word for it is love.

How else can you explain what happened to Peggy Stevens when she first saw Tommy? Tommy was an unwanted cat in an adoption cage in her veterinarian's office. He was already seven years old. Too old for most people to consider adopting him. Not Peggy. She felt a special bond with Tommy. She took him home, thinking that she was giving him the gift of a good home.

Do You Believe That Humans And Cats Communicate With Each Other?

Peggy soon discovered that Tommy was a special cat with a gift of his own. He gave her sixty-nine haiku cat poems.

These cat poems are not poems about cats. They are poems given by a specific cat. Peggy didn't write these cat poems as humorous commentaries on the sometimes mysterious behavior of cats. Rather this haiku cat poetry emerged from some deep bond of love between a particular cat and a particular human.

Can A Cat Really Give Haiku Cat Poems To A Human?

Cat veterinarians who study feline-human relationships confirm that cats are exquisitely sensitive animals. They somehow know how much you want to interact with them and will adjust accordingly.

They also communicate with humans. Each has its own unique method and style of communicating. Tommy somehow communicated cat poems-haiku cat poems. Why haiku? Peggy had never read haiku poetry. Yet, Tommy gave her haiku poems. Haiku is a very specific and spare form of Japanese poetry in three lines:

  • Five syllables in the first line
  • Seven syllables in the second line
  • Five syllables in the third line

This precise and concise form of poetry was Tommy's unique means of communication. To ask how is to miss the essential point. The sixty-nine haiku cat poems in this book are a testament to the magical, mysterious, mystical connection between cats and the people who love them.

Haiku Poetry in a Stressed Out World

These haiku cat poems have another benefit. If you're like most people these days, you feel a bit stressed most of the time. Cats and haiku poetry offer a remedy. Both are minimalists. Cats use their energy sparingly. Haiku uses words sparingly.

Haiku Cats: Haiku Cat Poems from a Very Mystical Cat is designed with the same kind of minimalist approach. The book is designed to show one haiku at a time with no other distractions. Reading haiku is a way to slow down and savor the small things in life, one at a time.

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