The Great Book of Boston Sports Lists

The Great Book of Boston Sports Lists

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There's nothing more important to Bostonians than their sports teams. From the Red Sox and Celtics to the Patriots and Bruins to a number of major college programs, millions of fans from all generations discuss, debate, and live-and-die with their hometown squads all year long. In The Great Book of Boston Sports Lists, two high-profile sports-media pros -- along with original contributions from over 20 famous sports heroes and fans including Fred Lynn, Dave Goucher, Mike Eruzione, Dan Shaughnessy, Adam Vinatieri, Mayor Ray Flynn, Micky Ward, Zdeno Chara, Bill Rodgers, and more -- fan the flames of the ongoing sports debate with informative and entertaining lists that highlight and rank the best, worst, and most remarkable of local sports past and present.

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ISBN-13: 9780762443697
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
Publication date: 09/13/2011
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
File size: 539 KB

About the Author

Andy Gresh has been a popular sports-radio host in New England for well over a decade, including ten years on The Score in Providence, RI, and his current gig as co-host of the popular Gresh and Zolack show (10am-2pm daily) on 98.5 FM The Sports Hub. He also appears regularly on Comcast SportsNet, Sirius NFL Radio, and is the game-day analyst for all Patriots games on Patriot Radio Network. He lives in Seekonk, MA. Please visit him at

Michael Connelly is a longtime New England sportswriter who has published three acclaimed sports books and currently writes the popular Top Ten sports blog on the Boston Herald website, which receives 1.3 million visitors daily. He lives in West Roxbury, MA. Please visit him at

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 10

Introduction Andy Gresh 11

Famous Monikers, Expressions and Slogans of Boston Sports :: MC 14

My Favorite 1967 Memories George Scott 17

The 21 Greatest Seasons by Individual Players :: MC 19

Best Performances by Supporting Players :: MC 22

Best Coaches :: MC 24

Worst Coaches :: MC 27

My Top 10 Boston Sports Moments Senator Scott Brown 29

Fond Memories of Fenway Park :: MC 31

My Top Kicks for the Patriots Adam Vinatieri 33

Great Fights, Brawls and Fracases :: MC 34

My Favorite Sports Memories Growing Up Micky Ward 38

Boston Bruins All-Time Team :: AG 39

Boston's Top 10 Sports Announcers :: AG 41

Top 10 Moments of My Broadcast Career Gil Santos 43

Boston Celtics All-Time Team :: AG 47

Team Rivalries :: MC 49

Player Rivalries :: MC 51

Villains :: MC 53

Boston/New England Patriots All-Time Team :: AG 55

Top Dozen Sports Guys I Want to Have a Beer With :: AG 57

Best Drafts :: MC 59

Best Late-Round Draft Finds :: MC 61

Boston Red Sox All-Time Team :: AG 62

My Favorite Restaurants Fred Lynn 64

Top 10 Boston Marathoners Bill Rodgers 66

Characters Who Have Enriched Our Sports World :: MC 67

Best Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in New England :: by AG and the Fans 69

Too Much Hype :: MC 71

Movies Featuring Boston Sports Teams 73

Biggest Ovations :: MC 74

Greatest Plays in Boston Sports History :: MC 77

My Top 10 Moments as a Red Sox Broadcaster Don Orsillo 80

Moments of Mischief, Tomfoolery and Malarkey :: MC 82

My 10 Favorite Bike Rides in the World Zdeno Chara 85

Best Free Agent :: MC 87

Bad Free Agent Signings :: MC 89

My 10 Best Assignments for the Boston Globe Leigh Montville 91

The Agony of Defeat: Most Painful Losses :: MC 93

In the Clutch :: MC 96

Top Massachusetts High School Basketball Players Skip Karam 99

Great Massachusetts High School Baseball Players Peter Moscariello Frank Carey 101

Top Massachusetts High School Hockey Players Bill Hanson 103

Overrated Boston Athletes :: MC 106

Underrated Boston Athletes :: MC 109

The 10 Best Trades in Boston Sports History :: AG 113

Worst Trades in Boston Sports History (That Didn't Include Babe Ruth) :: AG 115

Boston Sports Tragedies :: MC 118

Best Red Sox of My Lifetime :: AG 121

Athletes I Would Want Next to Me in a Fox Hole :: MC 123

Athletes I Would NOT Want Next to Me in a Fox Hole :: MC 125

Greatest Individual Performances in a Single Contest :: MC 127

My Top 10 Memories from Lake Placid Mike Eruzione 130

The Top 10 Professional Wrestlers of All Time :: AG 131

Sports Guys Who Don't Need a Mask on Halloween :: AG and the Fans 133

Most Heartbreaking Plays :: MC 135

Best General Managers and Owners :: MC 137

Top 10 Moments of My Career Mike Gorman 139

Worst General Managers and Owners :: MC 141

Most Intimidating Celtics Pat Williams 143

Most Hated-Basketball :: AG 145

Players I Admire John Tudor 147

Most Devastating Injuries :: MC 149

Five Sports Figures I Think Hate Me :: AG 151

Four Sports Figures (and One Institution) I Know Hate Me :: AG 152

Dynamic Duos :: MC 153

My Favorite Bruins Rick Hoyt 156

My Favorite Marathon Memories Dick Hoyt 157

Red Sox Pitchers I Would Give the Ball to for Game 7 :: MC 159

Most Amazing Boston Sports Stats :: MC 160

Woeful Stats :: MC 163

Time Bombs, Hot Heads and Head Cases :: MC 165

The 11 Things I'll Never Understand About Boston Sports :: AG 167

False Saviors :: AG 170

The Top Five Reasons Why Soccer Doesn't Suck Taylor Twellman 172

Top Five Reasons Why Soccer Sucks :: AG 173

Top 10 Reasons Why NASCAR Doesn't Suck (That Bad) :: AG 174

Most Hated-Baseball :: AG 176

Greatest Performances by Opponents :: MC 178

Best Quotes in Boston Sports History Dan Shaughnessy 185

Best Quotes Not Picked by Shaughnessy :: AG 187

Sports Things I Need to Do Before I Die :: AG 189

Top 10 Events I've Covered :: by Tony Massarotti 191

The Best Things About Connecticut:: MC 189

Top 10 Boston Bands and Musicians Rich Shertenlieb 191

The Allure of The Green Monster :: MC 193

Top New Hampshire Golf Courses Jane Blalock 195

Most Hated-Football :: AG 196

Randomocity :: MC 199

Top 12 People from Rhode Island :: AG 202

My Top 10 Moments in Broadcasting Dave Goucher 204

Politicians and Sports :: MC 208

Top 99 Massachusetts High School Athletes Mayor Raymond Flynn 210

Most Hated-Hockey :: AG 216

My 10 Favorite Boston Bruins Fights Ken Casey of Dropkick Murpys 217

The 10 Most Wonderful Things About Vermont's Three-Year Run in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Tom Brennan 219

Top 10 People in Sports (Other Than Me) from the Great State of Maine Gary Tanguay 221

Boston's Top 12 All-Time Sports Voices :: AG 223

Boston Red Sox Mount Rushmore :: AG 226

Top 11 Role Players in Boston Sports History :: AG and the Fans 228

Storms, Rambunctious Fans, Hostile Surroundings and Treacherous Conditions :: MC 231

Boston/New England Patriots Mount Rushmore :: AG 234

Best Things to Eat While Watching a Sporting Event :: AG 236

Boston Sports Best Fat Guys :: by AG and the Fans p237

Boston Celtics Mount Rushmore :: AG 239

Tom Brady's Greatest Comebacks :: AG 241

"You Over Officious Jerk!" Area Sports Events Overly Impacted by the Refs :: MC 244

Boston Bruins Mount Rushmore :: AG 247

Most Memorable Moments as Owner of the Bruins Jeremy Jacobs 248

Top 10 Sports Movies Jack Parker 250

Boston's Most Wanted List :: AG and the Fans 252

Exciting Plays :: MC 254

Bruins Are Stanley Cup Champions! :: MC 257

My Top 5 Moments in 2011 Dave Goucher 260

Top 100 Boston-Area Athletes of All Time 263

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