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Good Gut Bugs: How to improve your digestion and transform your health

Good Gut Bugs: How to improve your digestion and transform your health

by Kathryn Marsden

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Did you know that there are more bacteria in your gut than the total number of cells in your body? Do you know why the good bacteria - or probiotics - are good for you and how they can benefit many aspects of your health? Do you know that by following a different diet or by taking safe and effective probiotic supplements you can increase the number of good bugs in your body, with amazing results? Probiotic supplements are on their way to becoming the 21st century must-have for maintaining good health.
In GOOD GUT BUGS Kathryn Marsden explains that we need good bacteria to avoid, or overcome, conditions caused by bad bacteria. Writing in an accessible, lively style she reveals what probiotics do, how they work, and how simple dietary changes can allow you to benefit from them. Discover how probiotics will help you avoid MRSA, lower your cholesterol, improve the digestion, boost your immune system, calm the side effects of antibiotics, control and limit the growth of yeasts and parasites, treat constipation and ease IBS.

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ISBN-13: 9780748125029
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
Publication date: 09/02/2010
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Kathryn Marsden is the author of a dozen health titles including THE COMPLETE BOOK OF FOOD COMBINING and GOOD GUT HEALING. Her areas of special interest include mind-body medicine, and in helping patients who suffer from digestive and bowel disorders.

Table of Contents

Foreword Dr Vicente Mera Sánchez ix

Foreword Dr Jen W. Tan x

Acknowledgements and Thanks xi

Introduction 1

How Do You Know if You Need Probiotics? 10

Part 1 Getting the Balance Right

1 What Exactly are Probiotics? 21

2 Get Yourself a Good Gut Upgrade 35

3 Where Do They All Hang Out? 56

4 Prebiotics - Your Probiotic Support Group 68

5 Gas Guzzlers: the Health Benefits of Fermented Foods 80

6 Fabulous Fibre: How Getting it Right Could Save Your Life 88

7 Antibiotics - Friend or Foe? 105

8 Don't Pick Your Nose! The Scary Story of Superbugs 123

9 If You Do Nothing Else 141

Part 2 Probiotic Support for Particular Problems

10 How Disease Begins in the Gut: Dealing with Dysbiosis 149

11 Good Gut Bugs and Allergies 155

12 Body Odour or Bad Breath? 164

13 Cholesterol and Other Heart-disease Risk Factors 174

14 Colds, Flu and Respiratory Infections 187

15 Helping to Prevent Colon Cancer 192

16 How Often Do You Open Your Bowels? 199

17 Dealing with Diarrhoea 209

18 Irritable Bowel Syndrome 213

19 Good Gut Flora and Lactose Intolerance 218

20 The Ulcer Bug: Helicobacter Pylori 221

21 Probiotics for Bladder and Vaginal Health 226

22 Good Gut Bugs for Mums and Babies 238

23 Can Probiotics Help Other Gut Disorders? 244

24 Inflammation, Immunity and Probiotics 254

Part Three: Supplements and Safety

25 Choosing Probiotic Foods and Supplements 265

26 FAQs about Probiotics 273

27 Resources 282

Afterword 289

Sources of Reference 291

Index 301

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