Going Backwards

Going Backwards

by Philip Tonge

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This book depicts how Australian Administration's policies, together with local and overseas managed Corporations are ruining their economy and gives many examples of how these policies are degenerating the community, physically, financially and philosophically, hence the title, Going Backwards.

The author deals with pollution and the harm this malaise is having on societies around the World, together with a plan of large scale decentralisation from the city of Sydney, thereby relieving the financial burden being experienced by all intending home and land buyers and those trying to rent, as Australian homes are among the most expensive in the World, and prices increasing.

Further, the writer contends that home and land prices are artificially high, and should return to a realistic ratio, related to the average wage, again using statistics to support the proposition.

He indicates that decentralisation will negate the need for billions of dollars of rail and road works being planned within New South Wales.

Corporations are dealt with, demonstrating their effect on society and deals with their often deceptive practices and that many are run by psychopaths, and outlines his own experience within a Corporation, finishing in his unjust retrenchment.

It is proposed that Australia again concentrate on rural production, to support our economy and the sheer financial waste, and harm to humans and our environment, in cutting grass, is documented.

The Australian Prime Minister is proposing that Chinese developers construct vital infrastructure on a joint venture basis, something that, as suggested, is tantamount to Australia surrendering to the Japanese in World War Two, and various points are made to reject this arrangement.

Whilst most issues are applicable to New South Wales and Australia, many of the matters covered are also relevant to societies in other Nations of the World, and offer numerous innovations to improve our standards of living.

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