Getting a Networking Job For Dummies

Getting a Networking Job For Dummies

by Peter H. Gregory, Bill Hughes
Getting a Networking Job For Dummies

Getting a Networking Job For Dummies

by Peter H. Gregory, Bill Hughes


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Everything you need to start your career in computer networking

Looking to land that computer networking position? Look no further! Getting a Networking Job For Dummies offers all the tools and step-by-step guidance you need to stand out from the crowd, get your foot in the door, and secure a job in this fast-growing sector. In no time, you'll get a handle on networking roles, necessary education, training, and certifications, ways to brand yourself for your dream career, and so much more.

These days, computer networking can be a complicated industry, and knowing what you need to do to make yourself an attractive candidate for a coveted networking position can make all the difference. Luckily, Getting a Networking Job For Dummies arms you with everything you need to be one step ahead of the game. Humorous, practical, and packed with authoritative information, this down-to-earth guide is your go-to handbook for scoring that sought-after computer networking position!

  • Find the right organization for you
  • Write a winning resume that gets attention
  • Answer difficult interview questions with confidence
  • Identify required certifications to get the job you want

If you're a prospective computer networking employee looking to present yourself as a strong, competitive candidate in the computer networking market, this hands-on guide sets you up for success.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119015949
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/27/2015
Series: For Dummies Books
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 1,116,878
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Peter H. Gregory is a career technologist, IT architect, university instructor, and the author of over thirty books on security and emerging technology.Bill Hughes is a marketing strategy executive with over two decades of experience in sales, strategic marketing, and business development.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

About This Book1


Icons Used in This Book 2

Beyond the Book 3

Where to Go from Here 3

Part I: So You Want to Be a Networking Professional 5

Chapter 1: Working with Networks 7

Why Are Networks Important? 7

Skills and Activities in Networking Jobs 8

Managing network devices 9

Setting up remote access 9

Maintaining user accounts 9

Helping end users 9

Configuring firewalls 10

Monitoring antimalware consoles 10

Issuing authentication tokens 10

Setting up wireless networks 10

Configuring communications with business partners 11

Connecting storage devices 11

Managing telecommunications services 11

Setting up VoIP phones and voicemail 12

Pulling network cabling 12

Installing network devices in data centers and closets 12

Designing networks 12

Completing paperwork 13

Fixing things 13

Working with People 13

How Networking Fits in a High?]Tech Career Path 14

The Future Is Bright for Networking Jobs 16

Chapter 2: Understanding Networking Roles 17

Reviewing First Principles 17

Performing Essential Tasks in Networking 19

Navigating Networking Job Titles 20

Service desk analyst 20

Network administrator 21

Network engineer 21

Network architect 22

Network manager 22

Wireless network engineer 23

Telecommunications manager or specialist 24

Pre?]sales engineer 24

Getting Networking Experience Where You Are Now 25

Computer repair specialist 25

Webmaster 26

Software developer 26

Database administrator 26

Business analyst 27

Information security analyst 28

Project manager 28

IT auditor 29

Chapter 3: Knowing Your Networking 31

Appreciating First Principles 31

Recognizing design goals for the network 31

Appreciating the business objectives of the network 32

Reviewing the OSI Model 33

Exalting TCP/IP 34

Staying Local with LANs 35

Using wired LANs 36

Moving around with wireless LANs 38

Going Out with WANs 39

Buying service from LECs and CLECs 40

Considering the cloud and managed service 41

Accessing Wireless WANs 41

Going beyond texting on a cellphone 41

Cooking with a microwave connection 42

Circling around satellite communications 43

Chapter 4: Networking Concepts and Trends 45

Access Control 45

Basic concepts in access control 45

Emerging issues in access control 49

Telecommunications and Network Security 50

Basic concepts in telecommunications and network security 50

Network technologies 50


Network security 55

Attacks and countermeasures 57

Emerging issues in telecommunications and network security 58

Cryptography 58

Basic concepts in cryptography 59

Emerging issues in cryptography 62

Computing Architecture and Design 62

Basic concepts in computing architecture and design 63

Cloud services 65

Emerging issues in computing architecture and design 66

IT Operations 66

Basic concepts in IT operations 66

Emerging issues in IT operations 70

Physical and Environmental Security 71

Basic concepts in physical and environmental security 72

Emerging issues in physical and environmental security 75

Regulations, Investigations, and Compliance 75

Basic concepts in regulations, investigations, and compliance 76

Emerging issues in regulations, investigations, and compliance 78

Factoring Nontechnical IT Issues 78

Outsourcing IT 78

Employees un?]telecommuting 79

Part II: Having the Right Stuff 81

Chapter 5: Getting the Necessary Education and Training 83

Off?]the?]Record Training 84

Studying with self?]direction 84

On?]the?]job training 85

Viewing prerecorded college courses 86

Learning through Higher Education 89

Undergraduate programs 90

Graduate degrees 92

Formal study at an online university 92

Adult education 96

Pursuing a Nontraditional Education 97

Military education 98

For?]profit training companies 98

Maintaining Your Networking Knowledge 99

Chapter 6: Becoming Certifiable 101

Planning for a Certification 101

Deciding Which Certifications Are Right for You 102

Choosing a Vendor?]Specific Networking Certification 104

Cisco certifications 104

Microsoft 107

Juniper Networks 109

Palo Alto Networks 111

Check Point 112

Red Hat 113

Other vendor?]specific certifications 113

Winning with a Third?]Party Networking Certification 114

CompTIA 114

Network Professional Association 117

Planet3 Wireless 117

Earning a Vendor?]Neutral Security Certification 118

International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 118


SANS Institute 122

Earning Other Relevant Certifications 124

Chapter 7: Making Your Own Way 125

Informal Education in Networking 126

Setting Up Your Own Lab 126

Equipment 127

Operating systems 128

Virtualization 129

Volunteering 129

Working on the Side 130

On?]the?]Job Training 131

Part III: Finding a Job with the Right Organization 133

Chapter 8: Working for a Networking Solutions Provider 135

Working in Sales as a Pre?]Sales Engineer 135

Rolling Up Your Sleeves as an Implementation Engineer 137

Helping Customers in Technical Support 138

Watching the Fort for a Managed Service Provider 139

Chapter 9: Working as an In?]House Networking Professional 141

Living Your Destiny 141

Working in the Private Sector 142

Industry regulations 142

Comparing private versus public companies 143

Supporting company goals and objectives 144

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Small and Large Businesses 144

Chaos versus Calm: Growth, Mergers, and Acquisitions 145

Working in Global Enterprises 146

Working for a Nonprofit Organization 147

Chapter 10: Serving in the Public Sector or Academia 149

Working for a Federal, State, or Local Agency 149

Public service 150

Transparency 150

The glacial pace of change 151

Leadership 151

Tenure 152

Regulations 152

Working for a Military or Defense Contractor 153

Going Back to School 154

Chapter 11: Living on the Edge with a Startup 155

Doing More With Less 156

Building Virtual Infrastructure in the Cloud 157

Experiencing the Razor?]Sharp Edge 158

Finding Startup Jobs 159

Is A Startup Right For You? 160

Chapter 12: Life as a Consultant 163

Is Consulting Right for You? 163

Consulting workload 164

Appearance and approach 165

Working for a Consulting Firm 166

Consulting firm processes 166

Subject matter variety 167

Working in pre?]sales 168

Going It Alone as an Independent Consultant 168

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Consulting 170

Part IV: Getting Hired! 171

Chapter 13: Branding Yourself for Your Dream Career 173

Meeting People 174

Business Networking with LinkedIn 176

Photo 177

Headline 178

Background 178

Connections 179

Recommendations 179

Updates 180

Groups 180

Jobs 181

Using LinkedIn successfully 181

Networking through Facebook 182

Facebook profile and timeline 182

Facebook groups 183

Facebook company pages 183

Tweeting with Twitter 183

Setting up your Twitter profile 184

Tweeting 184

Using Twitter successfully 184

Starting a Blog 185

Setting up a blog 185

Blog services 186

Networking blogs 186

Using and maintaining your blog 187

Writing Articles and E?]Books 188

Writing for the reader 188

Finding an outlet 189

Segregating Your Personal and Professional Lives 190

Working with Recruiters 193

Chapter 14: Creating a Winning Resume 195

The Basics of a Great Resume 195

Heading 196

Summary 196

Employment history 196

Education 197

Training and certifications 198

Skills 198

Other sections 199

Formatting Your Resume 201

Soft copy 201

Hard copy 202

Cleaning up metadata 202

Tailoring Your Resume 203

Organizing your resumes 203

Customizing resume content 204

Plagiarizing 204

Types of Resumes 205

Chronological 205

Functional 206

Combination 207

What Not to Put in Your Resume 207

Examples of Winning Resumes 208

Chapter 15: Getting Attention with Your Cover Letter 213

Cover Letter Scenarios 214

Essential Elements of the Cover Letter 215

The traditional cover letter 215

Cover letters with applicant?]tracking systems 217

Cover letters for referrals and recruiters 220

Generic replies to cover letters 221

Chapter 16: Bringing Your Resume to Life: The Interview 223

Knowing Why Interviews Are Important 223

Preparing for the Interview 224

Preparing yourself psychologically 224

Investigating the corporate culture 225

Preparing for the first impression 226

Preparing to say what interviewers want to hear 227

Preparing to hear what you want to hear 229

Types of Interviews and Tips for Each 229

Open?]ended interview 230

Technical interview 230

Behavioral interview 232

Panel interview 233

Confrontational interview 233

Your Turn to Ask Questions 234

Focusing on the Goal235

Writing a Thank?]You Letter 235

Chapter 17: Becoming a Star Employee 239

Onboarding and Orientation 240

Understanding the IT department 240

Understanding the rest of your organization 241

Looking and becoming competent 241

Moving Forward after the Honeymoon 242

Developing professional skills 242

Enhancing your technical skills 243

Acquiring positive personal attributes 244

Part V: The Part of Tens 247

Chapter 18: Ten Great Answers for Your Interviewer 249

Preparing for the Unprepared 249

Whacking Softball Question Number 2 250

Responding to the Tried?]and?]True Standard 251

Outlining Soft Skills 252

Explaining Your Motivation 252

Determining Whether You Are Trouble 252

Predicting Your Future 253

Not Looking like a Job Jumper 254

Describing Team Leadership Skills 254

Defusing the Financial Land Mine 255

Chapter 19: Ten Great Questions to Ask Your Interviewer 257

How Has Your Department Contributed to the Success of the Company? 258

What Are Some of the Biggest Challenges Your Department Is Facing? 259

How Would You Describe the Company’s Culture ? 260

What Do You Like About Working Here? 260

Can You Describe How We Would Be Working Together? 261

What Is the Makeup of the Team or Organization? 261

What Are the Key Traits of Your Most Successful Employees? 262

How Would You Define Success During the First 90 Days? 262

Do You Have Any Concerns About Me That I Can Address Now? 263

What Is Your Next Step in the Selection Process? 263

Chapter 20: Ten Alternatives to a Regular Job 265

Homing In on Your Home 265

Becoming a Good Neighbor 266

Consulting in Your Community 266

Engaging in Politics 267

Closing the Digital Divide 267

Bartering Your Services 267

Inspiring Others 268

Enabling Users Groups 268

Contributing to Open Source 269

Mentoring Up?]and?]Coming Networkers 270

Chapter 21: Ten Networking Books for Your Professional Library 271

Knowing Your Way around a PC 271

Building Your Network 272

Visualizing the TCP/IP Protocol 273

Getting Serious with Cisco Routing 273

Remembering Juniper Networks 274

Opening Up to Linux 274

Closing Up Network Access with Security 274

Beating a Dead Horse 274

Going Mobile 275

Floating in the Cloud 275

Glossary 277

Index 305

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