Get Creative!: The Digital Photo Idea Book

Get Creative!: The Digital Photo Idea Book


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Entertain yourself, your family, and your friends while you create beautiful, funny, and interesting compositions with your digital and printed photography. This thorough guide is loaded with answers, suggestions, examples, and techniques to help you with scanning, image editing, printing, and more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780072227215
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/OsborneMedia
Publication date: 03/24/2003
Series: Digital Photography Ser.
Pages: 356
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.74(d)

Table of Contents

Part IGetting Started
1Recipes for Images3
Your Photos: More Than Just Pictures4
Turning Photos into Real-Life Objects4
How to Take a Good Picture9
2Boot Camp15
Software Requirements16
Hardware Requirements20
When to Scan, When to Photograph25
About Size and Resolution26
Saving Files30
Printing Techniques and Media33
Creating Web Images36
Part IIPatterns, Textures, Filters, and Backgrounds
3Making Your Images "Touchable"45
Creating Surface Textures46
Creating Seamless Repeating Images59
More Great Ideas68
4Out of Thin Air71
Making a Curtain Call73
Other Settings79
Combining Photos and Settings79
More Great Ideas80
5Roll Over, Michelangelo83
Painting with Pixels84
Making a Menu Marvelous with a Mosaic89
Tips for Budding Pixel Artists93
More Great Ideas94
Part IIIColors and Tinting
6Deal Yourself a Winning Hand99
Making a Good Black and White Photo100
Simulating Period Color109
More Great Ideas114
7Turning Back the Calendar117
Back in the Olden Days117
Rolling Back the Years--Making a Hand-Tinted Portrait119
Making a "Vintage" Photo129
Where to Look for Inspiration134
More Great Ideas134
8Housewarming, 1850s Style137
Mass Market Color Before Color Photography138
Finding Inspiration138
Saddle Up! Preparing the Image for Coloring141
Applying Colors147
Making a Four-Fold Note Card154
Bottoms Up--Making Custom Drink Coasters156
More Great Ideas160
9With Color, Less Really Can Be More163
What's a Duotone?164
Duotone It the Easy Way166
The More Colors, the Merrier172
Sure, You Can Fake a Duotone180
More Great Ideas181
10Simple Gifts183
Line Up! Turning Photos into Drawings183
Get the Red Out...and the Green, and189
Crayon Power: Making Coloring Book Pictures192
More Great Ideas196
Part IVCombining Elements
11No Scissors, No Paste201
Building Images Piece by Piece202
Silhouetting the Saint's Head203
Creating the Saint's Body and Paws206
He's Been Framed--Creating an "Ancient" Frame in 3D209
On Your Mettle! Let's Make Some--Metal, That Is214
Moving On217
More Great Ideas218
12Getting It Together221
Seeing Things in the Right Light222
Creating an Opulent Background222
The Head Bone Is Connected to the Neck Bone224
Aging Photos by Several Hundred Years227
Halo, Everybody, Halo--Creating That Saintly Glow230
Let There Be Light--on St. Guinefort231
Where Do We Go from Here?233
More Great Ideas234
13What I Did on My Summer Vacation237
Creating a Large-Letter Postcard238
Designing a Background240
Adding the Type245
Warping the Type248
Silhouetting Images Within the Letters250
Applying Layer Styles to Type254
To Mail It or Not to Mail It?255
More Great Ideas256
Part VOther Fun Stuff
14What Fools These Mortals Be261
I Can't Believe It's Not a Butterfly!262
Placing the Picture Elements263
Creating a Real-World Shadow265
Leaving Other Things Lying Around270
More Great Ideas271
15Hey, They Took My Camera!275
Scanner, Camera, What's the Diff?276
How to Scan an Elephant--Or Not277
Brushing Up on Your Scanning Technique279
Cleaning Up After Your Scanner281
Let's Finish What We Started--Our Projects!289
More Great Ideas293
16Better Than Perfect295
How to Sell Your House: Enhancing a Photo Realistically296
Going Too Far: Adding a Little Fantasy301
Forget Being "Down to Earth"--Let's Fly to the Moon304
It's Been Real--or Has It?310
More Great Ideas310
Part VIAppendixes
AThe Software in Review315
Paint Shop Pro 7316
PhotoFix 3.4317
PhotoImpact 8318
Photo-Paint 11319
Photoshop Elements 2.0320
BHow Do I Get There from Here?321

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