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Fruit of the Vine

Fruit of the Vine

by Mark G. Boyer


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Fruit of the Vine: A Biblical Spirituality of Wine is designed to help the reader grow in spirituality through reflecting on biblical vineyard stores, wine making, and wine as a metaphor for life. A spirituality of wine—categorized as a spirit—connects the spirit in wine to the universal spirit all share. Wine appeals to all five senses. Its bouquet can be smelled; its complexity, often compared to fruit, can be tasted; its shades of red, designating its body, can be seen as it clings to or quickly runs down the inside of a glass. One can hear the pop as the cork leaves the bottle's neck and the gurgle of the wine leaving the bottle as it is poured into a glass. Wine is a major sign of transformation in the process of growth from blossom, sunlight, and water to grapes, which are in turn broken apart, integrated into a whole, and fermented into alcohol. While the wine is aged, it undergoes even more transformation. People are transformed when they share this already multiple-times-transformed beverage. The vineyard and all it produces can reveal the divine if a person but opens his or her eyes to see.

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ISBN-13: 9781532617522
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 05/23/2017
Pages: 116
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.24(d)

About the Author

Mark G. Boyer—well-known author and college instructor—has been writing books on biblical and liturgical spirituality for thirty years. He has written fifty-two spirituality-focused volumes which prompt the reader to recognize the divine in everyday life. Boyer has taught courses in Bible and film at Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri, for almost thirty years. This is his twelfth Wipf and Stock title.

Table of Contents

Abbreviations ix

Introduction xiii

1 Biblical Vineyard Stories 1

Song of the Vineyard

Joseph and the Cup-bearer's Dream 3

Jotham's Fable

Naboth's Vineyard


Parable of the Tenants

Matthean Allegory (Parable): Laborers

Matthean Allegory (Parable): Two Sons

Fruit of the Vine

Jesus the Vine

Turning Water into Wine


2 Picking Grapes 30

Eating from One's Own Vine

Dressing Vines

Ripe Grapes

Clusters of Grapes


3 Processing Grapes 35

Treading Grapes

Wine Press

4 Types of Wine 38

Sweet Wine

Sour Wine

Common Wine

New Wine

Wine Mixed with Water

Wine Mixed with Myrrh

5 Storage of Wine 44



Wine Jar


Storehouses for Wine

6 Measuring and Tasting Wine 50

A Bath

A Measure

Tasting Wine

7 Wine with Food 54

Bread and Wine

Eating and Drinking

8 Effects of Wine 57






9 No Wine-Drinking 62




10 Offering 66

Drink Offering 1

Drink Offering 2

First Fruits

Support of Ministers

11 Metaphor for Life 71

Wine Is Life

Wine Is a Banquet

Wine Is Love

Wine Is a Woman

Wine Is a Friend

12 Metaphor for Abundance 76

Full Yield



Future Blessings

Not Gathering All Grapes

13 Metaphor for Poverty 81

Lack of Wealth



Sour Grapes


14 Metaphor for Wrath 86

Wine Press 1

Wine Press 2

Cup of Wrath

No Wine-Drinking

15 Metaphor for Blood 91

Blood of the Grape

Blood of the (New) Covenant


Drink Offering

Fruit of the Vine

Other Books Mark G. Boyer 97

Bibliography 99

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"Fruit of the Vine illuminates the spiritual significance, explores the biblical meaning, and deepens the appreciation of one's relationship with wine."

—Matthew Ver Miller, Licensed Psychologist and Board Certified Coach, Rocky Mountain Professional Counseling

"In Fruit of the Vine, Boyer lends his unique, personal, and scholarly viewpoints on wine in the Bible. Through short scriptures, reflections, and suggested prayers, the reader is guided to a new and interesting understanding of what wine meant to the Bible's authors and can mean for us today. Whether looking for a deeper look at your own spirituality or for more depth in your wines, Fruit of the Vine serves a cup full of both."

—Jeremy C. Graddy, Physical Therapist, Advantage Therapy, Southwest Missouri

"Volumes have been written on the complex process of wine making and wine's influence on Western Civilization. Boyer's latest book distills this complexity down to a concise, insightful journey of personal discovery, celebrating spiritual transformation in everyday acts. Most of us have shared a spiritual connection over a glass of wine with an old friend. Few of us, however, have explored the spiritual meaning of wine's transformative journey from vine to table, and Boyer is the perfect guide."

—John Kossler, Ecologist, Western Meridian Resources

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