Fourth Wing, 2 of 2: Dramatized Adaptation

Fourth Wing, 2 of 2: Dramatized Adaptation

Fourth Wing, 2 of 2: Dramatized Adaptation

Fourth Wing, 2 of 2: Dramatized Adaptation

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"Enter the brutal and elite world of a war college for dragon riders from New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Yarros
Twenty-year-old Violet Sorrengail was supposed to enter the Scribe Quadrant, living a quiet life among books and history. Now, the commanding general-also known as her tough-as-talons mother-has ordered Violet to join the hundreds of candidates striving to become the elite of Navarre: dragon riders.
But when you're smaller than everyone else and your body is brittle, death is only a heartbeat away...because dragons don't bond to “fragile” humans. They incinerate them.
With fewer dragons willing to bond than cadets, most would kill Violet to better their own chances of success. The rest would kill her just for being her mother's daughter-like Xaden Riorson, the most powerful and ruthless wingleader in the Riders Quadrant.
She'll need every edge her wits can give her just to see the next sunrise.
Yet, with every day that passes, the war outside grows more deadly, the kingdom's protective wards are failing, and the death toll continues to rise. Even worse, Violet begins to suspect leadership is hiding a terrible secret.
Friends, enemies, lovers. Everyone at Basgiath War College has an agenda-because once you enter, there are only two ways out: graduate or die.
Adapted from the novel and produced with a full cast of actors, immersive sound effects and cinematic music!
Performed by Khaya Fraites, Gabriel Michael, LaMont Ridgell, Taylor Coan, Torian Brackett, Rob McFadyen, Laura C. Harris, Jessica Lauren Ball, Robb Moreira, Megan Poppy, James Konicek, David Cui Cui, Crystal Lee, James J. Johnson, Henry W. Kramer, Nazia Chaudhry, Mike Carnes, Marni Penning, Stephanie Németh-Parker, Amanda Forstrom, Christopher Graybill, Ryan Haugen, Sarah Ruth Dawson, James Lewis, Yasmin Tuazon, Alejandro Ruiz, Nickolette Kong, Tyler Hyrchuk, Matthew Pauli, Yenni Ann, Danny Gavigan, Earl Fisher, Kay Elluvian, Steve Wannall, Megan Hastie, Wyn Delano, Christopher Walker, Eric Messner, Scott McCormick and Terence Aselford.

Editorial Reviews

MARCH 2024 - AudioFile

In this dramatized adaptation, Khaya Fraites brings to life the character of Violet Sorrengail, and Gabriel Michael embodies Xaden Riorson. Together, they lead a distinguished cast, which includes LaMont Ridgell, Torian Brackett, and Rob McFadyen, through the harrowing world of the Empyrean series. Their performances, augmented by immersive sound effects and cinematic music, expertly convey the saga's intensity and the perilous atmosphere of Basgiath War College. The rich tapestry of voices captures the essence of Yarros's compelling story, crafting a deeply engaging auditory experience that showcases the narrators. With its vivid characterizations and compelling storytelling, this production delivers an unforgettable journey through the brutal and politically intricate world of dragon riders. F.S.M. © AudioFile 2024, Portland, Maine

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BN ID: 2940160649726
Publisher: GraphicAudio
Publication date: 02/09/2024
Series: The Empyrean Series
Edition description: Adapted
Sales rank: 200,026
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