For parents of a child with newly-diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

For parents of a child with newly-diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

For parents of a child with newly-diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

For parents of a child with newly-diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes


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The experts agree: finding out that your child has type 1 diabetes comes as a shock to most parents. Blood sugar levels, meters, shots, insulin, diet, exercise, hypoglycemia, complications, treatment plans, doctors, family: this is a whole lot of new challenges to cope with.

No doubt your doctor and healthcare team have given you a lot of information and guidance about how to be a parent of a child with diabetes. Even with all this information about type 1 diabetes and your child, you are probably still experiencing a high level of anxiety about how best to support your child, both immediately and in the long run. Your concerns, your fears, are "normal."

Managing your child's diabetes is not just a medical challenge; diabetes causes severe stresses and strains that tax the psychological and emotional strengths of all those involved.

This book provides parents with ten ideas focused on these psychological and emotional issues that ultimately consume a substantial share of your time and effort as a parent in helping your child manage his or her diabetes. These ideas have emerged as a result of listening to scores of parents as they cope with diabetes in their families.

As each child is different, as is his or her diabetes, there is no single magic formula for living with diabetes, but we know some things you can expect to encounter as your child begins his or her life with diabetes. Being aware of these ideas may make it more comfortable for you as a parent, in part because you will find you are not alone in having a child with diabetes.

There is much good news about the treatment of diabetes, information and tools that will be helpful to both you and your child as you manage this new life challenge!

We encourage you to embrace these facts:

Nothing you have done as a parent caused your child to get type 1 diabetes. Nothing!

Nothing your child has done, or not done, caused him or her to get type 1 diabetes. Nothing!

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Publication date: 04/14/2014
Pages: 78
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