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Fools In Love

Fools In Love

by Tiana Atkinson

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Flower shop girl Reagan Walter always had a rough life. From her neglecting mother to the death of her father, Reagan learnt that life brings you obstacles that you have to get over in order to learn, in order to accomplish success. She's pretty content with working in a flower shop, seeing the most popular boy waltz in on each Friday afternoon to buy a rose, and she's happy with no communication for the remainder of the week.

Chandler Williams is the school's most popular boy. With his reputation of "the boy who hands his every date a red rose", from far away, Chandler seems pretty happy being the womaniser of his high school. After all, every girl knows what they get in before the date even starts so he's not the only one to blame for potential heartbreak.

So, one Friday, as normal, Chandler waltzes in to buy a red rose. Reagan asks for who it is, and he replies none from her options. She's left to wonder who it's for and then realises he must have a date like always. The shocking thing is: he gives it to her that day.

The girl is left blushing behind the counter as the boy walks out with no money in his pocket nor a rose for his date.

Since then, Chandler begins to disregard his weekly schedule of visiting her, deciding that every day would be a good idea. He finds out Reagan goes his school, finding out her secret in between, and they become good friends.

One day, Chandler dumps his friends for the girl, saying how he doesn't need them anyway, and they begin eating together each day. Days and days pass by, until Chandler becomes upset for having so many meaningless dates. He quotes how what he done is pointless, and Reagan talks to him for the first time that day, saying how people were watching them, when normally she listens and he talks.

He's happy with getting rid of all the people watching them two, and he kindly does so by asking them to mind their business, politely of course, and enjoy their lunches.

After that break, Reagan opens more and more to him, both revealing secrets not known by others. Extreme things happen, like her rescuing him from a cemetery, comas for two weeks, arguments, fights and eventually: love.

He begins falling for her, hence the reason why he opens so much towards her, yet he finds out Reagan was still smoking, and he asks her why she's still doing it. The girl replies with a lie, saying she forgot to throw out the pack, and everything remains well until she goes to the grocery store to buy another pack, being caught red handed by Chandler when they bump into each other.

They argue, Chandler driving off, and Reagan chasing him, only to further argue and Reagan reveals a dirty secret about how she helped "him" stop drinking alcohol. In anger, she gets the wrong person, and blames Chandler, who wasn't alcoholic and demands her to tell him who she's talking about. She can't say it due to personal reasons, and he drives off, angered that she doesn't trust him enough.

Soon, he finds out the real alcoholic was his best friend, Ryder, who talks badly about Reagan, and Chandler punches him after he finds out the actual reason Reagan hid it from him. Abuse.

Reagan and Chandler reconcile, and we're taken to eight years later, which is their marriage day. Everything ends happily, Reagan calling him "the love of her life" several times in the epilogue.

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BN ID: 2940159094971
Publisher: Tiana Atkinson
Publication date: 02/27/2018
Series: Lovesick Chandler , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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