Follow The Science: But Be Wary Where It Leads

Follow The Science: But Be Wary Where It Leads

by David Galloway, Alastair Noble


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This book comes from two authors with scientific backgrounds.
It recognises the huge advances made through science and their beneficial impact on society. However, it also expresses concern that the essentially tentative nature of scientific conclusions is being replaced by a growing tendency to accord to science the last word on a range of subjects. While the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic of 2020 has shown some of the uncertainties associated with scientific research,
this book demonstrates that these become more apparent in such fundamental areas as the origin of both life and the universe, as well as the abiding mystery of mind and consciousness. The authors argue persuasively that we should recognise the limitations of science as well as its unquestionable strength.

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ISBN-13: 9781912522989
Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd
Publication date: 02/15/2021
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About the Author

David Galloway MD DSc was a Consultant Surgeon and is currently
Honorary Professor of Surgery at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.
He was, until recently, the President of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow.

Table of Contents

Science and COVID-19
Questions of Existence
Chapter 1 – The Nature of Science
The Scientific Method
Replication and reliability
Peer Review – a Safety Net
Scientific truth
The Politician and the Pharmacologist
Deduction, Induction and Abduction
What science cannot explain
Chapter 2 – The Science of Origins
The Origin of the Universe
Cosmology and Chemistry
Fine tuning
Chapter 3 – The Origin of Life
Modern Origin of Life Research
Chapter 4 – Detecting Design
Biological Evolution
Common descent
Growing Dissent against Neo-Darwinism
The Fossil Record
Design in Biology
Molecular Machines and Irreducible Complexity
Observing Evolution
Information in Biology
Mind and Consciousness
Morality and Conscience
Chapter 5 – Science and Theism
Assessing Worldviews
Naturalism and Theism
Authors’ Postscript

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