Firebird: A Spy Story of the 1960's

Firebird: A Spy Story of the 1960's

by Noel Hynd


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From Noel Hynd, author of 'Flowers From Berlin' comes 'Firebird,' an intricate true-to-life spy story that spans half a century.It is 1968, one of the most tumultuous years of the 20th Century. Frank Cooper, a former star investigative reporter now writes obituaries for a popular New York City tabloid. He hears the confession of a dying man named Leonard Rudawski, a former American diplomat, who bitterly questions the fate of Pavel Lukashenko, a would-be Soviet defector in Paris in 1965. Lukashenko promised to expose the espionage secret of a generation if he could get to the West. But the defector, code named "Firebird," vanished. Or did he? Cooper teams with Lauren Richie, a young NY/Latina reporter from the same tabloid. They prowl into the dying man's confession. Soon they are onto the story of their lifetimes, reviving a dangerous once-cold trail of back channel/back alley CIA and KGB intrigue and tradeoffs, all of which factor into the 3-way racially tinged American election of that year: Nixon vs. Humphry vs. the segregationist George Wallace. Murder, espionage, romance, betrayal and conspiracy intertwine. Readers will meet and recognize dozens of memorable "real life" characters: reporters, gangsters, diplomats, call girls, spy masters, politicians and assassins. The story is tough, large, sprawling and historically precise. "Russians sabotage and destabilize the west," says one experienced reporter with KGB knowledge. "It's not just what they do. It's what they do best."The story straddles the decades from World War Two to 2018, even throwing a cynical light on Russian-American relations of today."Hynd is a solid, dependable writer with enough literary flair to move him up a few notches above the Ludlums and Clancys of the world. -BooklistFrom Publishers Weekly: "Noel Hynd knows the ins and outs of Washington's agencies both public and secret."

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ISBN-13: 9781718910515
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/05/2018
Pages: 456
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

Noel Hynd is an American author who has nearly seven million books in print or downloaded into e-readers. Most of his books have been in the action-espionage-suspense genre (Flowers From Berlin, Truman's Spy, Murder in Miami, Hostage in Havana, Conspiracy in Kiev, Midnight in Madrid, Countdown in Cairo, The Enemy Within) but others (Ghosts, The Prodigy, A Room For The Dead and Cemetery of Angels) were highly acclaimed ghost stories. All were Literary Guild selections. Sales in the horror/psychological terror genre have totaled more than a million copies. A Room For The Dead appeared on the USA TODAY Best Seller list. The original English language editions were published by the major New York houses, Doubleday, Dial, Bantam, Kensington, Pinnacle, HarperCollins and Tor, and by New English Library and W H Allen in London. In the 1970's and 1980's Mr. Hynd was also a TRUE CRIME writer for OFFICIAL DETECTIVE, MASTER DETECTIVE AND TRUE DETECTIVE. At the same time he was a stringer in New York City for a Scandinavian press service that published an influential crime magazine named KRIMINALJOURNALEN in Norway and Sweden. Over fifteen years for these two markets in the US and Europe, he contributed more than 500 published articles on all aspects of crime

The Kindle editions of Midnight in Madrid and Conspiracy in Kiev were simultaneously NUMBERS ONE and NUMBER TWO among all books on Amazon's Kindle Best Seller lists in December 2009. Both titles were also among the top selling Kindle books of the year, numbers 2 and 17, respectively.

Along with his wife, Patricia White, Mr. Hynd is also the co-founder of Red Cat Tales, LLC, an independent publishing imprint in Los Angeles. Red Cat Tales publishes genre fiction (including much of Mr. Hynd's back-list) and graphic novels in translation. The RCT list can be found at

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