Filey a History of the Town and its People: Revised Edition

Filey a History of the Town and its People: Revised Edition

by W M Rhodes




This revised edition of the story of the wonderful town of Filey on the Yorkshire Coast includes additional stories including 'who put Filey Brigg up for sale' and the story of Filey's Dragon-together with the endearing story of Bonzo Filey's Pet Seal.

Filey ‘The Unspoilt Hidden Gem of The Yorkshire Coast’ with its glorious wide golden beach, elegant Victorian houses and well-kept gardens, but what were Filey’s origins? Unlike the neighbouring town of Scarborough, Filey was mentioned in the Domesday Book ‘as a very small village occupied by less than fifty people, and that Filey was worth a reasonable income, with access to good quality timber which was ideal for construction.’ So, were these people Filey’s oldest residents? Filey a History of The Town and its People traces the history of the town from Roman times through time. It tells the history of the town’s churches and the influence that the Methodist had on the community. The book also warns of the dangers of the sea, and its treacherous tides, and recalls stories of many people who have lost their lives to the sea over the years. It also recalls the story of The Bonhomme Richard and its notorious Captain John Paul Jones. The book is illustrated with over one hundred photographs.

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ISBN-13: 9780995775282
Publication date: 07/25/2018
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.46(d)

Table of Contents


Acknowledgements. 6

Filey’s Roman Presence. 7

Domesday and Early Settlement 12

North Filey - The Buck and The Beckwith Families. 14

The Bucks & The Beckwiths. 17

Filey: Possible Origins of its Name. 19

The Gristhorpe Man. 21

Filey Enclosure. 23

Filey Brigg. 26

The Wreck Of The Chilean 1894. 35

Filey Brigg Offered For Sale. 37

A Cafe on The Brigg. 42

Spittal Rocks. 44

Monsters and Dragons. 45

Spa Well 47

John Paul Jones and the Battle of the Bonhomme Richard. 51

Filey Harbour of Refuge. 70

Filey’s Churches. 76

Filey’s Interesting Incumbents. 94

The Reverend Arthur Neville Cooper 96

The Local Workhouse. 99

Old Filey. 102

Changing Street Names and Demolished ‘Yards and Rents’ 103

Filey’s Ancient Market and Fair 107

Queen Street. The Hub of the Community. 108

Filey Builds a New Sea Wall 111

The Fishing Industry. 116

Bonzo Filey’s Pet Seal 119

Flither Girls. 121

Fishing Disasters. 124

Filey Lifeboat 128

Filey Railway. 135

Education. 138

Filey’s Prominent Buildings. 144

Filey Baths and Spa Company (Ackworth House) 147

North Cliff Villa. 153

Filey: Public Houses. 169

Filey’s Hotels and Boarding Houses. 191

Flying. 199

Accidents & Murders. 203

Five Children Drowned on Reighton Sands. 208

Sources of Information 213

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