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Faith in Doubt: Part I

Faith in Doubt: Part I

by Jarin Jove


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Please Note: In an effort to be more accessible to readers and due to popular demand, Jarin Jove has made split versions of Faith in Doubt for those who may want to read Parts I and II in isolation. This ebook only covers Part I. It doesn't cover Part II of Faith in Doubt.Within Part I of Faith in Doubt, the general topics of religion and it's application to people's everyday lives are covered. Chapter 1 focuses upon people's personal perceptions of their own luck or blessedness when good or bad events occur in their lives and their attribution to religion for those positive or negative events. Chapter 1 further covers personal moral attributions to the dichotomy of good and evil with how people perceive events. Chapter 2 covers ascetic beliefs and their purported moral goodness when advocating for an anti-materialist perspective along with an analysis on the supposed benefits of prayer. Chapter 3 focuses upon religious beliefs in relation to death and the personal meaning that people attribute to belief in an afterlife. Chapter 4 focuses on the pitfalls of open interpretation providing a coherent worldview and a coherent moral framework to live one's life in the modern era. Finally, Chapter 5 probes the general misogynistic aspects of religion and further delves into how the religious culture of gender roles negatively impacts men and women from birth onward and within war zones. Jarin Jove applies cognitive psychology such as from Daniel Kahneman's Thinking Fast and Slow, social psychology such as from Robert A. Cialdini's Influence: Science and Practice, Analytical Philosophy such as logical fallacies, and a more modernized form of Nietzsche's philosophical viewpoints by getting straight to the point on Nietzsche's criticisms of religion which have remained unchallenged and largely ignored since the late 1800s.

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