Everybody Knows What Happened Except Hillary Rodham Clinton

Everybody Knows What Happened Except Hillary Rodham Clinton

by John Bridges
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NOTE: This is NOT the book: "What Happened" by: Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Trolls HATE this book, but actual readers LOVE it. The truth is hard for some people. Hillary's book is protected from trolls but this one is not.The 2016 election was certainly filled with its daily share of surprises. Hillary Clinton ran the most expensive campaign in history and despite the cards being stacked in her favor, the polls showing her winning by a landslide and a strong assumption amongst many that her election was already a given, she lost and lost big. The shockwaves amongst her followers are still in full motion. How could she have failed so massively. Her new book "What Happened" reflects the shock. However, unless you were living in a bubble, a coma or just not paying attention you should know what happened. Everybody Knows What Happened Except Hillary Rodham Clinton.Clinton was living in a liberal, elitist, bubble of self-entitlement. Her arrogance and smugness were apparent to everyone outside of her bubble. She could not connect with the common people including her core base which were flocking to Bernie Sanders; an obscure 75-year-old Senator and self-proclaimed socialist. Despite the dirty tricks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton herself, she never regained the allegiance of her core base.She entered the race with much baggage. Scandals follow the Clinton's and while none have stuck to them, yet, the sheer volume of scandals and mysterious deaths associated with those scandals is enough to raise eyebrows of anyone but her diehard supporters.She surrounded herself with people who told her only what they thought she wanted to hear. Either they were inside her bubble or simply did not want to upset her and face her oft reported temper. Many of the people in her inner circle also became subjects of various scandals during the campaign as well. The media fed her delusion as well. Their hatred for the Republican candidate skewed their reporting in her favor through both stories and polls. In doing so the media seriously damaged their credibility for many years yet to come. They also prevented Clinton from glimpsing outside her bubble.This book will help you make sense of the 2016 election and all the factors that contributed to Clinton's epic loss. Some things you may already know but others are sure to come to you as a shock. The book is compiled from public sources on both sides of the political spectrum. The book is factual but will certainly allow you plenty of room for your own speculation and guidance in finding additional resources.I appreciate your interest in this book. Please note that a portion of all profits will be donated to programs that help the homeless and homeless veterans.

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Publication date: 09/11/2017
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Dr. John Bridges is the author's pen name. The author holds 4 Graduate level degrees including a Doctorate in Criminal Justice. Government, politics and corruption are passions for this writer who prides himself on being able to untangle complex material into something readers can follow and understand. Dr. Bridges is passionate about helping others and a significant portion of profits are donated to the charities specified in the book description.

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