Emotions On Trial: Science and the Bible Reveal

Emotions On Trial: Science and the Bible Reveal

by Felix Hawk


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A funny thing about emotions is that they can become addictive.

Literally, all our emotions, from euphoria to depression, depend on the proteins segregated by our hypothalamus, a region in the lower brain area. Such proteins enter our blood stream and communicate the intended effect to EACH AND EVERY ONE of the cells we are made of.

But the most astonishing aspect of the whole process is that the cell's receptors in charge of processing those proteins are the ones in charge of processing other substances like, for example, heroine.

So affirming that a person can be addicted to a certain emotion (i.e., to the substance associated with that emotion) is certainly more than a metaphor. And, as our biological mechanism involved is the same that deals with drugs, the laws of addiction are here applicable too: under sustained exposure to a substance, the cell becomes more receptive to it, and as it gets more and more into the habit, it will require growing amounts of the same substance simply to recover its balance.

Translated into the world of emotions, the same emotion will be more intense and will last for a longer period of time before the cell gets satisfied to the full.

Now, I just have to interrupt you right there before you get too engrossed on this really interesting topic. To find out more about the link between emotions and science, get a copy of this compelling book, “Emotions on Trial: Science and the Bible Reveal” by Felix Hawk.

By purchasing this book, you will get unparalleled information on the following:

  • Get acquainted with the reasons why the brain is the most amazing creation on Earth. In addition, through this book, readers will understand how the brain works without the need to tackle scientific jargons and complex concepts.

  • Where does human intelligence come from? Is there a particular reason for the fact that we humans are in possession of a fairly big brain? Quite a few interesting theories try to answer these questions, and brilliant author Felix Hawk shares with the readers the few most interesting ones.

Purchase this book and find out how you can essentially enhance your mind power by using very simple procedures.

  • Human beings experience only five natural emotions. The other emotions are an offshoot of the five, and they come about when we manifest or express the five main ones. How we express these emotions can be good, but it can sometimes be negative.

  • A number of people allow their own emotions to control them and their lives; to dictate how they are going to feel on a certain day; and to tell them how to act when someone hurts them, offends them, or angers them.

In this book, Felix Hawk reveals his secrets on how to control one’s emotions instead of letting these emotions control the person.

Purchase this book now and learn about why we humans have to go through difficulties in our lives, what we need in our lives to attain full emotional healing, and many more!

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