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Earth Sink

Earth Sink

by Ilyan Lavanway

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This book is becoming increasingly relevant as real world events unfold. Earth Sink is a challenging and insightful read. It demands an attentive mind and some awareness of the sociopolitical trends in the USA and around the world. Secret societies, banking cartels, and terrorist regimes have been funding and grooming political candidates for the highest offices of American government. A one man sleeper cell has been in play since 2008. The American people blindly voted him into position. Or did they? In a day when it is becoming a crime to worship Jesus Christ, signs of the times and biblical prophecies are unfolding at ever increasing rates. The story starts way back in a time veiled from your mind, when you fought a war you don't remember, a war for your very right to be born. Events playing out on Earth are extensions of that war. The original foes know you better than you know yourself, and they cannot be killed. They were never alive. The story is a fictional dramatization framed around principles of eternal truth. Earth Sink will penetrate your soul to the core. You will not be able to remain neutral or indifferent after reading this book. The open minded reader will find answers to some of man’s most profound questions and will likely come away with even more questions and some intensely emotional opinions. Earth Sink contains personal dreams experienced by the author and is based in part on the author's dreams. Being an epic, it is written mostly in narrative form with very little dialog. The eternal future of every individual on earth, alive or dead, hangs in the balance. A simple vicarious work can tip the scales toward eternal life. The sheer volume of vicarious work to be done is astronomical. Scant few ever attempt it. Will they endure long enough to complete the work, or will they succumb to the swelling tides of evil? While offering insights into theological anthropology and eschatology, Earth Sink depicts the tragic results of prevailing modern societal trends extrapolated to an extreme. The book exposes the primordial roots of political influences operating works of darkness that drive a progressive global state of affairs that exclusively favors the world's elites at the expense of liberty and individual freedoms. Earth Sink warns about the deliberate dismantling of the United States constitution from the inside by a compromised and corrupted executive branch of American government collaborating with secret combinations of banking cartels, mega corporations, and terrorist organizations. The most powerful position in the world is handed over to diabolical figures bent on seating a world government that opposes every virtue that once set mankind above beasts. The catastrophic consequences of globalized mainstream sociopolitical movements leading up to the second coming of Jesus Christ are drilled home in graphic detail. Earth Sink is a scathing and brutal portent. Some readers may find parts of the story extremely disturbing, offensive, and controversial. Though written as fiction, the story alludes to the serious truth of what is going on around us and among us right now. In addition to whetting the inquisitive mind with a glimpse of cutting edge science and futuristic technologies, Earth Sink is both politically relevant and spiritually applicable. Read the story as if it were real. Some of it is unequivocally real. Some of it may become real. Ponder it carefully and decide for yourself what is real and what is fiction. Earth Sink was written to do more than merely entertain. It was written as a wake up call to change lives, hopefully for the better.

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ISBN-13: 9780976800446
Publisher: Ilyan Kei Lavanway
Publication date: 12/11/2010
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 496
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

I'm an independent Christian author and publisher with interests in eschatology, theology, and cosmology. I served as a full-time missionary for two years in Buenos Aires, Argentina for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I served on active duty in the United States Air Force for nearly 14 years. I left the Air Force as a captain. While attending Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics at the University of Washington in Seattle. While on active duty as a Minuteman Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) launch officer, I earned a Master of Science degree in Space Studies at the University of North Dakota. I enjoy a deep appreciation for the grandeur of nature and the cosmos. Much of my writing reflects my personal beliefs, thoughts, and views, many of which are speculative.

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