Throne of Blood

Throne of Blood

Toshiro Mifune
Director: Akira Kurosawa Cast: Toshiro Mifune
Toshiro Mifune
, Isuzu Yamada
Isuzu Yamada
, Minoru Chiaki
Minoru Chiaki
Akira Kurosawa

DVD (Black & White)

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One of the most successful Shakespeare adaptations for the screen, Akira Kurosawa's Throne of Blood strips away Macbeth's minor characters and long soliloquies, turns the witch scenes into a strange supernatural encounter, and transforms the Scottish landscape into a misty visage of feudal Japan. Kurosawa masterfully employs style and composition to create a closed world in which the film's tragic outcome seems pre-ordained. Such visual motifs as fog, wind, and rain, juxtaposed with the austere interior of Washizu's castle, create an eerie, foreboding feel, while Kurosawa's use of stark blacks and whites, coupled with his persistent use of hard edits, seem to place the characters in stylistic confinement. Not unlike Michelangelo Antonioni's L'avventura (1960), Kurosawa uses repetition, such as the image of Washizu's emerging from the fog, to suggest the futility of the characters' actions. Rarely has a Kurosawa film been rendered with such bleakness. Throne of Blood is a visually brilliant, emotionally powerful masterpiece from one of the true masters of cinema.

Product Details

Release Date: 08/25/2015
UPC: 0715515155212
Original Release: 1957
Source: Criterion Collection
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [B&W]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Mono]
Time: 1:49:00
Sales rank: 17,325

Special Features

Audio commentary featuring Japanese film expert Michael Jeck; Documentary on the making of the film, created as part of the Toho Masterworks series Akira Kurosawa: It Is Wonderful to Create; Two alternate subtitle translations, by Japanese film translator Linda Hoaglund and Kurosawa expert Donald Richie; Trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Toshiro Mifune Taketoki Washizu
Isuzu Yamada Asaji
Minoru Chiaki Yoshaki Miki
Takashi Shimura Noriyasu Odagura
Akira Kubo Yoshiteru
Takamaru Sasaki Kuniharu Tsuzuki
Yoichi Tachikawa Kunimaru
Chieko Naniwa Witch

Technical Credits
Akira Kurosawa Director,Editor,Producer,Screenwriter
Shinobu Hashimoto Screenwriter
Ryuzo Kikushima Screenwriter
Shojiro Motoki Producer
Yoshiro Muraki Art Director
Asakazu Nakai Cinematographer
Asaichi Nakai Cinematographer
Hideo Oguni Screenwriter
Masaru Sato Score Composer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Throne of Blood
1. Opening Credits/Chorus [5:19]
2. Captains Washizu And Miki Triumph [4:09]
3. The Forest Maze [3:00]
4. A Prophecy [7:36]
5. Lost [4:49]
6. Prophecy Fulfilled [2:07]
7. Lord Washizu And Lady Asaji [4:52]
8. Ambush? [4:44]
9. Blood Of A Traitor [2:46]
10. High Treason [9:18]
11. Intruders! [1:08]
12. The Chase [5:56]
13. The Great Lord's Coffin [7:13]
14. An Heir [2:44]
15. Evil Omen [2:40]
16. An Unexpected Guest [9:33]
17. Stillborn [5:22]
18. Seeking Answers [5:20]
19. Rallying The Troops [6:17]
20. The Birds [3:00]
21. Madness [3:11]
22. The Forest Moves [6:55]
23. Chorus [1:33]
1. Color Bars [:20]
1. Noh Style/An Experiment [5:19]
2. Historical Context/Takashi Shimura [4:09]
3. Cut Pans/Master Horsemen [3:00]
4. Noh Influences/Mifune And Chiaki [7:36]
5. Fog [4:49]
6. 180-Degree Flip/Sashimonos [2:07]
7. Structure/Isuzu Yamada [4:52]
8. Adding Motivaton/Kurosawa's Women [4:44]
9. Seppuku [2:46]
10. A Parable Of Ambition [9:18]
11. The Alarm [1:08]
12. Kurosawa's Usual Style/Realpolitik [5:56]
13. Crossing The Line/Miki's Motivation [7:13]
14. No Loose Ends [2:44]
15. Horse Imagery [2:40]
16. Despair/Intentionalist Falacy [9:33]
17. A Disagreement With Olivier/Writing Credits [5:22]
18. Other Adaptations/"Guest Stars" [5:20]
19. Framing The Army/Yoshiro Muraki [6:17]
20. A Difficult Scene To Shoot [3:00]
21. "First Take" [3:11]
22. The Killing: How He Does It [6:55]
23. The Circle Closes [1:33]
1. Color Bars [:20]

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