The Caine Mutiny

The Caine Mutiny

Humphrey Bogart
Director: Edward Dmytryk Cast: Humphrey Bogart
Humphrey Bogart
, José Ferrer
José Ferrer
, Van Johnson
Van Johnson
Edward Dmytryk

DVD (Wide Screen)

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The 2007-issued "Collector's Edition" DVD of Edward Dmytryk's The Caine Mutiny (1954) easily supplants the original Columbia TriStar standard disc of the movie, which was released in 1999. The same non-anamorphic widescreen aspect ratio (1.85-to-1) is used, but this is a much cleaner transfer. Additionally, a liberal selection of bonus materials is present, including a reasonably informative documentary, Inside The Caine Mutiny. What is less satisfying is the commentary track by Richard Pena and Ken Bowser, two cineastes who are obviously fans of the movie, but who apparently couldn't be troubled to do a "dry-run" screening of the movie to check on the points they were going to cover -- they get most of the background information on the production of the movie correct, but fall down whenever it's time to discuss any actors other than the leads, or talk about career-arcs and credits; so they expound a lot about how good Humphrey Bogart's or Van Johnson's performances are, but mis-identify two actors whom they take the trouble to identify, in terms of their work and careers, and overlook one of the stranger aspects of the casting (the female lead, May Wynn, did NOT use her own name in the movie -- her name was Donna Lee Hickey and she changed it to the character's name). They also find a flaw in the script where one doesn't really exist -- the Third Fleet, of which the USS Caine was part, was caught in a typhoon in December of 1944 that sank three ships; the script merely fictionalizes the dates, but the presence of Halsey's flagship and the surrounding events concerning the Caine were necessary for verisimilitude, and the two participants, who know a lot more about film -- as opposed to movies -- than about World War II, just blow these matters off as bad choices in the script; the producers were not just making use of an aircraft carrier; and some of the footage that they seem to identify as shot for the movie is, in fact, familiar stock footage. These are all matters that are as easy to get right as wrong, but no one apparently took the trouble to check their material before laying it down. Still, their discussion is lively, and if they stimulate some more interest in the underlying book -- of which the movie, good as it is, is a mere shadow -- then they will have done a service to all concerned. And they are correct in their analysis of the movie's politics, which are comfortably liberal but couched in very conservative terms. The disc opens automatically to an easy-to-use menu, which allows quick access to all features. And the movie is very generously chapter-encoded.

Product Details

Release Date: 05/08/2007
UPC: 0043396163249
Original Release: 1954
Rating: NR
Source: Sony Pictures
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo]
Time: 2:05:00
Sales rank: 4,102

Special Features

Digitally remastered for the best possible picture and sound; Retrospective documentary: Inside the Caine Mutiny; Commentary with Richard Peña and Ken Bowser

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Humphrey Bogart Capt. Philip Francis Queeg
José Ferrer Lt. Barney Greenwald
Van Johnson Lt. Steve Maryk
Fred MacMurray Lt. Tom Keefer
Robert Francis Ensign Willie Keith
May Wynn May Wynn
Tom Tully Capt. DeVriess
E.G. Marshall Lieutenant Commander Challee
Arthur Franz Lt. Paynter
Lee Marvin Meatball
Warner Anderson Capt. Blakely
Claude Akins Horrible
Katherine Warren Mrs. Keith
Jerry Paris Ensign Harding
Steve Brodie Chief Budge
Todd Karns Stilwell
Whit Bissell Lt. Cmdr. Dickson
James Best Lieutenant Jorgensen
Joe Haworth Ens. Carmody
James Edwards Whittaker
Don Dubbins Uban
David Alpert Engstrand
Don Anderson Radar Man
Herbert Anderson Ens. Rabbit
Robert Bray Court Martial Jury
Ted Cooper Sergeant-at-arms
Don Keefer Court Stenographer
Eddie Laguna Winston
Dayton Lummis Uncle Lloyd
Kenneth MacDonald Court Martial Jury
Paul McGuire Court Martial Jury
Tyler McVey Court Martial Jury
Patrick Miller Movie Operator
Richard Norris Court Martial Jury
Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton Court Martial Jury
Jay Richards Sailor
James Todd Commodore Kelvey
Donald Dillaway Chauffeur

Technical Credits
Edward Dmytryk Director
Henry Batista Editor
Michael Blankfort Screenwriter
Lawrence W. Butler Special Effects
Clay Campbell Makeup
Lambert Day Sound/Sound Designer
Carter DeHaven Asst. Director
Clarence Gaskill Songwriter
Freddy Karger Songwriter
Stanley Kramer Producer
Jean Louis Costumes/Costume Designer
William Lyon Editor
Jimmy McHugh Songwriter
Cary O'Dell Art Director
Franz Planer Cinematographer
Stanley Roberts Screenwriter
Max Steiner Score Composer
Rudolph Sternad Production Designer
Frank A. Tuttle Set Decoration/Design
Wouk Songwriter

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Caine Mutiny
1. Start [9:10]
2. The Caine [7:00]
3. Officers' Mess [10:24]
4. Lt. Commander Queeg [3:39]
5. Officers' Meeting [3:55]
6. Target Towing [7:10]
7. Back to San Francisco [5:56]
8. Back Aboard the Caine [1:33]
9. Battle Orders [5:33]
10. "Yellowstain Blues" [3:42]
11. Unbalanced Question [:15]
12. General Drill [4:33]
13. No More Strawberries [1:37]
14. A Very Simple Plan [4:00]
15. Article 184 [1:46]
16. Who Ate the Strawberries [2:01]
17. Official Business [1:37]
18. Typhoon [5:12]
19. "I'm Relieving You." [4:45]
20. Lt. Barney Greenwald [4:41]
21. The Charge [3:23]
22. First Witness [1:13]
23. Second & Third Witness [3:31]
24. Fourth Witness [1:05]
25. Fifth Witness [3:14]
26. Sixth Witness [4:31]
27. The Finale [2:26]
28. Celebration [7:54]

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