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Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 1

Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 1

Raymond Burr
Director: Arthur Hiller, Arthur Marks, Herbert Hirschman
Cast: Raymond Burr
Arthur Hiller, Arthur Marks, Herbert Hirschman,
Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 1

Perry Mason - Season 3, Vol. 1

Raymond Burr
Director: Arthur Hiller, Arthur Marks, Herbert Hirschman
Cast: Raymond Burr
Arthur Hiller, Arthur Marks, Herbert Hirschman,

DVD (Full Frame)

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By the time Perry Mason rolled into its third season in the fall of 1959, the series was the 10th most popular program in America, and the uncontested leader in its Saturday night timeslot--despite formidable competition from the upstart NBC western Bonanza. Ironically, Perry Mason would ultimately wither on the vine in its ninth season when once again CBS moved it opposite the by-now extremely profitable Bonanza, but that was still several years in the future. Ratings and popularity, aside, the series' star Raymond Burr and his costars Barbara Hale, William Hopper and Ray Collins had ample reason for complaint this season, thanks to a corporate decision by parent network CBS. In March of 1960, William Talman, who played defense attorney Mason's friendly adversary, prosecutor Hamilton Burger, was hauled into jail for throwing a wild party (marijuana may or may not have been involved). Though Talman was never charged with anything, the network invoked the "morals clause" in his contract and fired him on the spot. Only the combined protests of the cast members--led by Burr, who threatened to quit the show if Talman wasn't reinstated--and tons of supportive fan mail compelled CBS to reverse its decision in December of 1960. By this time, however, Talman had missed several episodes (most of which were seen in the series' fourth season). March 1960 Talman had his wild party. Fay Wray murdered in "The Case of the Watery Witness," "The Case of the Lucky Legs," in "The Case of the Prudent Prosecutor," Burger asks Mason's help to clear an old friend on a murder charge. Otherwise, things moved smoothly on the series, with Perry Mason consistently proving the innocence of his clients and and exposing the real murderer on a weekly basis. Also, as in previous years, Season Three had its share of noteworthy guest performers, ranging from old-timer Francis X. Bushman to comparative youngsters Barbara Bain, Bert Convy and future Oscar winner Louise Fletcher.

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Release Date: 08/19/2008
UPC: 0097368926448
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Full Frame]
Time: 10:24:00
Sales rank: 6,913

Special Features

Closed Caption

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Raymond Burr Actor
Arthur Franz Richard Vanaman
Barbara Hale Actress
Barton MacLane Sheriff Eugene Norris
Dick Foran Steve Benton
Fay Wray Lorna Thomas
John Lupton Wally Dunbar
Karl Weber Bruce Chapman
Lisabeth Hush Marjorie Cluny Bradbury
Lurene Tuttle Sarette Winslow
Nobu McCarthy Mitsou Kamuri
Patricia Hardy Jo Ann Blanchard
Rebecca Welles Carol Taylor
Vanessa Brown Donna Kress
Alan Hewitt Fred Petrie
Ann Rutherford Judith Thurston
Basil Ruysdael Henry W. Dameron
Christine White Alice Carson
Jeanne Cooper Thelma Bell
John Bryant George Clark
Mary Laroche Grace Norwood
Paula Raymond Doris Shackley
Simon Oakland Howard Walters
Terry Huntingdon Kitty Wynne
Trevor Bardette John Brant
William Campbell Allen Sheridan
William Hopper Actor
Benson Fong Itsubi Nogata
Bruce Gordon Frank Thatcher
Douglas Evans Frank Patton
Dusty Enders Betty Clark
Gordon Wynn Mike Granger
June Dayton Frances Vanaman
Marion Marshall Ginny Hobart
Patricia Barry Janice Atkins
Patricia Donahue Joyce Fulton
Paul Richards Earl Mauldin
Ray Hamphill Phil Beecher
Stephen Bekassy Rick Stassi
Douglas Dick Fred Bushmiller
Elliott Reid Terry Blanchard
George Takei Toma Sakai
Jacqueline Scott Kathi
James Bell Zachary Davis
Jerome Cowan Victor Latimore
John Archer James R. Bradbury
June Vincent Madge Wainwright
Marianne Stewart Helen Sprague
Robert Lieb Joe Marsden
Sylvia Welles Joyce Meadows
Tony Travis John Nelson Bradley alias Johnny Clay
Dean Harens Tad Dameron
Ina Victor Charlotte Norris
Lester Vail Tony Raeburn
Melora Conway Clara Hammon
Michael Miller Bob Doray
Neil Hamilton Henry Noble
Peggy Knudsen Marie Sprague Chapman
Peter Leeds Lou Caporale
Rita Lynn Lisa Ferrand
Rollin Moriyama Ito Kamuri
Steve Brodie Ben Wallace
Virginia Vincent Ruth Walters

Technical Credits
Arthur Hiller Director
Arthur Marks Director
Herbert Hirschman Director
Richard Kinon Director
Richard Whorf Director
Walter E. Grauman Director
William D. Russell Director

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