Million Dollar Weekend

Million Dollar Weekend

Gene Raymond
 Cast: Gene Raymond
Gene Raymond
, Francis Lederer
Francis Lederer
, Robert Warwick
Robert Warwick
, Patricia Shay
Patricia Shay




In this mystery, a stockbroker embezzles $1 million from his company and flees to Shanghai via plane. En route he encounters a man and a woman. The man is attempting to blackmail the woman, who has been accused of murdering her husband; the embezzler soon finds himself falling in love with her. He is so preoccupied that he does not see the extortionist running off with his briefcase full of loot until it is too late. He then follows the crook back to San Francisco, pursues him, beats him up, and decides to quietly put the money back where it belongs. Meanwhile, the woman attempts to clear herself of the charges against her.

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Release Date: 07/09/2015
UPC: 0644827131723
Original Release: 1948
Source: Reel Vault

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