Holt of the Secret Service

Holt of the Secret Service

Jack Holt
Director: James W. Horne Cast: Jack Holt
Jack Holt
, Evelyn Brent
Evelyn Brent
, Tristram Coffin
Tristram Coffin
James W. Horne




Granite-jawed Jack Holt plays himself-or at least the screen version of "himself"-in the 15-chapter Columbia serial Holt of the Secret Service. To get the goods on a counterfeiting ring, federal agent Holt poses as master criminal Nick Farrel. The villains swallow this ruse hook, line and sinker, making one wonder how they ever had the intellectual capacity to flood the US with funny money. Aided and abetted by fellow agent Kay (Evelyn Brent), who poses as "Mrs. Farrel," Holt endures numerous brushes with death, emerging from all of them with nary a hair out of place nor a crease in his well-tailored business suit. As usual, director James W. Horne injects several moments of zany comedy in the proceedings: at one point, the villains receive a valuable piece of information, whereupon they all shout "Hooray" in unison! A less intentionally amusing aspect of the film is that neither Jack Holt nor Evelyn Brent change their clothes during the serial's 4-hour length, leading one to assume that the other cast members had lost their sense of smell.

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Release Date: 07/15/2015
UPC: 0644827305322
Original Release: 1942
Source: Reel Vault

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