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High Sierra

High Sierra

Humphrey Bogart
Director: Raoul Walsh Cast: Humphrey Bogart
Humphrey Bogart
, Ida Lupino
Ida Lupino
, Arthur Kennedy
Arthur Kennedy
Raoul Walsh
High Sierra

High Sierra

Humphrey Bogart
Director: Raoul Walsh Cast: Humphrey Bogart
Humphrey Bogart
, Ida Lupino
Ida Lupino
, Arthur Kennedy
Arthur Kennedy
Raoul Walsh

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In a manner of speaking, Humphrey Bogart had George Raft to thank for his ascendancy to stardom: after all, if Raft hadn't turned down both High Sierra and The Maltese Falcon, Bogart might have continued playing second-billed gangsters to the end of his days. Adapted from W. R. Burnett's novel by Burnett and John Huston, High Sierra opens with gangster Roy Earle (Bogart) being paroled after a lengthy prison term. Though he enjoys the fresh air and sunshine of the outside world, Earle has no intention of giving up his criminal ways. In fact, his parole has been arranged by Big Mac (Donald MacBride), so that Earle can mastermind a big-time heist at a fancy California resort hotel. After a few unkind words with a crooked cop, Kranmer (Barton MacLane), in Big Mac's employ, Earle heads toward a fishing resort, where he is to commiserate with his inexperienced, hot-headed cohorts Babe (Alan Curtis) and Red (Arthur Kennedy). En route, he befriends a farm family, heading to LA in search of work. He falls in love with the family's club-footed daughter Velma (Joan Leslie)--though she never really gives him any encouragement--and makes a silent promise to finance an operation on her foot once he's gotten his share of the loot. At the mountain cabin rendezvous, Earle meets Marie (Ida Lupino), Babe's tough-but-vulnerable girlfriend. He angrily orders her to scram, but she stubbornly remains. Earle also finds himself the owner of a "jinxed" dog, whose previous masters have all met with early demises (a none-too-subtle foretaste of things to come). Marie is strongly attracted to Earle, but he refuses to have anything to do with her, reserving his affections for Velma. He arranges an operation for the girl with mob doctor Banton (Henry Hull), never suspecting that the self-serving Velma is planning all along to marry someone else. The robbery goes off without a hitch, save for the fact that "inside man" Mendoza (Cornel Wilde) panics and nearly gives the game away. While escaping, Babe and Red are killed in a car accident, but Earle and Marie escape. Having been disillusioned by Velma's indifference and by the fact that the untrustworthy Kranmer has taken over the late Big Mac's operation, Earle at last realizes that the only person he can truly depend upon is the faithful Marie. With the police hot on his trail, Earle tells Marie to look after herself, then heads alone into the High Sierras--where, in Greek Tragedy fashion, he "busts out" of life. As in Petrified Forest, Humphrey Bogart plays a burnt-out anachronism from an earlier era in crime in High Sierra; in the latter film, however, Bogart has an innate nobility that allows the audience to empathize with him throughout. It is nothing short of amazing that, despite his superb performance in this 1940 film, he still had to wait until The Maltese Falcon for top billing in an "A picture." High Sierra was remade in 1949 as Colorado Territory and in 1955 as I Died a Thousand Times.

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Product Details

Release Date: 10/12/2021
UPC: 0715515264211
Original Release: 1941
Rating: NR
Source: Criterion Collection
Time: 1:40:00
Sales rank: 8,166

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Humphrey Bogart Roy Earle
Ida Lupino Marie Garson
Arthur Kennedy Red Hattery
Joan Leslie Velma
Alan Curtis Babe Kozak
Henry Hull Doc Banton
Henry Travers Pa
Jerome Cowan Healy
Minna Gombell Mme. Baughman
Barton MacLane Jake Kranmer
Elizabeth Risdon Ma
Cornel Wilde Louis Mendoza
Donald MacBride Big Mac
Paul Harvey Mr. Baughman
Isabel Jewell The Blonde
Willie Best Algernon
Spencer Charters Ed
George Meeker Pfiffer
Robert Strange Art
John Eldredge Lou Preiser
Sam Hayes Announcer
William Hopper Actor
Arthur Aylesworth Auto Court Owner
Wade Boteler Sheriff
Cliff Saum Shaw
George Lloyd Gangster
Erville Alderson Farmer
Carl Harbaugh Fisherman
Peter Ashley Man
Robert Emmett Keane Man
J. Anthony Hughes Man
Louis Jean Heydt Man
Lee Phelps Policeman
James Blaine Policeman
Clancy Cooper Policeman
Frank Moran Policeman
Davison Clark Policeman
Jack Rutherford Policeman
James Flavin Policeman
Richard Clayton Bellboy
Charlotte Wynters Woman
Maris Wrixon Woman
Lucia Carroll Woman
Dorothy Appleby Margie
Garry Owen Joe
Eddie Acuff Bus Driver
Harry Hayden Druggist
Ralph Sanford Fat Man
William Gould Watchman
Eddy Chandler Policeman

Technical Credits
Raoul Walsh Director
Milo Anderson Costumes/Costume Designer
W.R. Burnett Screenwriter
Adolph Deutsch Score Composer
Leo F. Forbstein Musical Direction/Supervision
Tony Gaudio Cinematographer
Byron Haskin Special Effects
Mark Hellinger Associate Producer
John Huston Screenwriter
Jack Killifer Editor
H.F. Koenekamp Special Effects
Ted Smith Art Director
Dolph Thomas Sound/Sound Designer
Hal B. Wallis Producer
Jack L. Warner Executive Producer
Perc Westmore Makeup

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