Akira Kurosawa's Dreams [Criterion Collection] [Blu-ray]

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams [Criterion Collection] [Blu-ray]

 Cast: Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese
, Akira Terao
Akira Terao
, Mitsuko Baisho
Mitsuko Baisho
, Mieko Harada
Mieko Harada
, Mitsunori Isaki
Mitsunori Isaki
Akira Kurosawa's Dreams [Criterion Collection] [Blu-ray]

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams [Criterion Collection] [Blu-ray]

 Cast: Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese
, Akira Terao
Akira Terao
, Mitsuko Baisho
Mitsuko Baisho
, Mieko Harada
Mieko Harada
, Mitsunori Isaki
Mitsunori Isaki

Blu-ray (Color / Wide Screen)

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Stylish and overflowing with haunting and startlingly beautiful images, Akira Kurosawa's Dreams eschews traditional narrative in favor of eight vignettes to chronicle the different ways in which mankind interacts with his world. In "Sunshine Through the Rain," a little boy ventures into a rainy/sunny forest and witnesses a magical wedding ceremony that he is not supposed to see and as a result must beg forgiveness of the performers or take his own life. In "The Peach Orchard," a young boy is visited by the spirits of the orchard trees after his parents callously cut them down. "The Blizzard" centers on a lost group of mountaineers who find themselves tempted toward death by a mysterious, malevolent snow goddess. In "The Tunnel" a military officer is haunted by the spirits of his dead soldiers. "Crows" takes place inside a work of art by Van Gogh (played by Martin Scorsese). While these first stories focus solely on imagery, the latter three tales contain explicitly stated messages. "Mt. Fuji in Red," shows the great mountain disintegrating after a nuclear power-plant accident. "The Weeping Demon" looks at a horrific post nuclear world. The final episode, "Village of the Watermills," is a tribute to the everlasting power of unrequited love.

Product Details

Release Date: 11/15/2016
UPC: 0715515188715
Original Release: 1990
Rating: PG
Source: Criterion Collection
Region Code: A
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Surround]
Language: English
Time: 2:00:00
Sales rank: 8,475

Special Features

New audio commentry featuring film scholar Stephen Prince ; Making of "Dreams" (1990), a 150-minute documentary shot on set and directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi; New interview with production manager Teruyo Nogami; New interview with assistant director Takashi Koizumi; Kurosawa's Way (2011), a fifty-minute documentary by Kurosawa's longtime translator Catherine Cadou, featuring interviews with filmmakers Bernardo Bertolucci, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Martin Scorsese, Hayao Miyazaki, and others; Trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Martin Scorsese Vincent Van Gogh [Crows]
Akira Terao "I"
Mitsuko Baisho Mother of `I'
Mieko Harada The Snow Fairy,Actor
Mitsunori Isaki "I" as a Boy [The Peach Orchard]
Ryu Chishu 103-year-old Man [Village Of The Watermills]
Toshihiko Nakano `I' as a Young Child
Mie Suzuki `I's' Sister
Yoshitaka Zushi Pvt. Noguchi
Toshie Negishi Child-carrying Mother
Hisashi Igawa Power Station Worker
Chosuke Ikariya The Demon
Tessho Yamashita Actor
Misato Tate Actor
Catherine Cadou Actor
Mugita Endo Actor
Ryujiro Oki Actor
Masaru Sakurai Actor
Masaaki Sasaki Actor
Keiki Takenouchi Actor
Kento Toriki Actor
Tokuju Masuda Actor
Masou Amada Actor
Shogo Tomomori Actor
Ryo Nagasawa Actor
Akisato Yamada [Village Of The Watermills]
Tetsu Watanabe [Village Of The Watermills],Actor
Ken Takemura Actor
Tetsuya Ito Actor,Actor,Actor
Shoichiro Sakata [Village Of The Watermills]
Naoto Shigemizu [Village Of The Watermills]
Hiroshi Miyasaka Actor
Yasuhiro Kajimoto Actor
Makoto Hasegawa Actor
Nagamitsu Satake Actor
Satoshi Hara Actor
Yasushige Turuoka Actor
Shigeru Edaki Actor,Actor
Hideharu Takeda Actor
Katsumi Naito Actor
Masaaki Enomoto Actor
Nori Takei Actor
Eiji Iida Actor
Koji Kanda Actor
Hideto Aota Actor
Kazue Nakanishi Actor
Rika Miyazawa Actor
Mayumi Kamimura Actor
Sayuri Yoshioka Actor
Teruko Nakayama Actor
Motoyuki Higashimura Actor
Yasuhito Yamanaka Actor
Haruka Sugata Actor
Noriko Hayami Actor
Ayaka Takahashi Actor,Actor
Yuko Ishiwa Actor
Sachiko Oguri Actor
Masayo Mochida Actor
Miki Kado Actor
Mika Ikeya Actor
Sakiko Yamamoto Actor
Mayumi Ono Actor
Yumiko Miyata Actor
Aya Ikaida Actor
Megumi Hata Actor
Asako Hirano Actor
Chika Nishio Actor
Tomomi Yoshizawa Actor
Kumiko Ishizuka Actor
Masumi Yoda Actor
Hatsue Nishi Actor
Michiko Kawada Actor
Machiko Ichihashi Actor
Yumi Ezaki Actor
Chika Yamabe Actor
Mayuko Akashi Actor
Fujio Tokita [Village Of The Watermills]
Michio Kida Actor
Ayako Honma Actor
Haruko Togo [Village Of The Watermills]
Reiko Nanao [Village Of The Watermills]
Shin Tonomura Actor
Junpei Natsuki Actor
Shigeo Katô Actor
Saburo Kadowaki Actor
Goichi Nagatani Actor
Shizuko Azuma Actor
Yoshle Kihira Actor
Yukie Shimura Actor
Setsuko Kawaguchi Actor
Kumeko Otowa Actor
Machiko Terada Actor
Harumi Fujii Actor
Hiroko Okuno Actor
Mon Ota Actor
Akitoku Inaba Actor
Kou Ishikawa Actor
Tatsunori Tokuhashi Actor
Yoshiko Maki Actor,Actor
Ryoko Kawai Actor
Miyako Kawana Actor
Miyuki Egawa Actor
Megumi Sakai Actor,[Village Of The Watermills]
Yoko Hayashi Actor
Yuko Matsumura Actor
Takashi Odajima [Village Of The Watermills]
Mitsuru Shibuya Actor
Koichi Imamura Actor
Wasuke Izumi Actor
Torauemon Utazawa Actor
Yukimasa Natori Actor
Tadashi Okumura Actor
Kenzo Shirahama Actor
Masato Goto Actor
Sumimaro Yochimi Actor
Junichi Kubozono Actor
Masami Ozeki Actor
Yasuyuki Iwanaga Actor
Akira Tashiro Actor
Koichi Kase Actor
Kenji Fujita Actor
Hiroto Tamura Actor
Osamu Yayama [Village Of The Watermills]
Yuji Sawayama [Village Of The Watermills]
Mitsuji Tsuwako Actor
Masatoshi Miya Actor
Maiko Okamoto Actor
Nana Yamakawa Actor
Yuka Kojima Actor
Shizuka Isami [Village Of The Watermills]
Sayuri Kobayashi Actor
Masayuki Yui Member of climbing team [The Blizzard]
Shu Nakajima Actor
Sakae Kimura Actor
Toshiya Ito [Village Of The Watermills]
Shinichirô Ikebe Composer

Technical Credits
Akira Kurosawa Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Akira Terao Director
Martin Scorsese Director
Mieko Harada Director
Mitsuko Baisho Director
Mike Y. Inoue Producer
Industrial Light & Magic Special Effects
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