Dr. Exeeto

Dr. Exeeto

by Mark Lee Masters
Dr. Exeeto

Dr. Exeeto

by Mark Lee Masters


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Dr. Exeeto is an action/adventure story somewhat along the lines of James Bond stories. The action is riveting. The book includes many massive explosions, hi tech equipment and romance described in a way that won't shock mothers of teenage readers. Dr. Exeeto is a scientist in charge of a vast underwater biological warfare laboratory. He is intensely interested in protecting the human and animal gene pools. To that end, he accepts money from the United States and from Iran. Each thinks the other will be targeted with poisonous snakes, malaria carrying mosquitoes and bubonic plague carrying rats. Dr. Exeeto will target all nations who are housing atomic bombs. He feels those bombs will destroy the gene pool. A team of United States secret agents are sent to check up on Dr. Exeeto on two different occasions. The last time they go to see Dr. Exeeto, they are captured in his secret back up laboratory. The agents are a male and female team. There is some love interest. The agents are named Major Sandra Ferguson and Major Donald McBride. They barely escape being blown up in Dr. Exeeto's initial lab. They escape just before Exeeto blows it up. Ferguson and McBride are taken in a submarine, to the new lab, which is a mile or so under the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Dr. Exeeto also released tons and tons of F-12 refrigerant gas, which destroyed the ozone layer and quickly raised the average temperature of earth to one hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit. When Ferguson and McBride arrive, it's much too late to stop Dr. Exeeto. World War III comes and the nuclear winter kills off most of mankind. Dr. Exeeto's people survive in their tunnels and caves beneath the oceans. Some people from the United States survive in a cave known as Iron Mountain. Despite Dr. Exeeto's warnings, civilization rebuilds itself after a thousand years, and comes back to atomic warfare. This time the warring nations use a new "fusion" bomb which is over 100 times more powerful than previous atomic bombs. The earth is split in half and the United States and Dr. Exeeto's people end up on mars. There is humor mixed in with the tragedy.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781425751319
Publisher: Xlibris Us
Publication date: 02/12/2007
Pages: 126
Sales rank: 244,994
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Mark Lee Masters initially wrote a book entitled Who's Got a Taste for Killing. It was a detective story about a serial killer. That book should be published soon. The first published book for Mark was Mary Thresher In Search of Sunken Treasures. The book is available from Xlibris, and is an excellent read. It's full of gambling, treasure hunting and romance. Dr. Exeeto is one of Mark's best books. He loves to let his imagination spin fantastic stories that stretch one's imagination to new heights. Mark loves fishing, travel and fast cars. He can often be seen on the lakes of Elkhart county, fishing with his wife, Nancy. Mark is also a musician and plays guitar, trumpet and piano. He is quite adept at the game of Scrabble.
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