Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War

Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War

by Peachy Keenan
Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War

Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War

by Peachy Keenan


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Spot-on, often satirical, always insightful, contributing editor of The American Mind and mother of a brood, Peachy Keenan argues that the only way we can save our families, ourselves, and the world—even California!—is by embracing our inner domestic extremists, and sweeping failed notions of third wave feminism and identity politics nonsense into the garbage can of history.

In This House We Believe

Parents Are the Bosses of Their Kids

Babies Are Good, More Babies Are Better

Two Sexes Are Plenty

Your Career Is Overrated

Feminism Is How the Unpopular and Undateable Cope with Life

Mainstream American Culture Destroys Families

We Are Going to Win

We’re in a culture war, and Peachy Keenan is not taking prisoners. This raucous new book is her rallying cry for normal people stuck in the foxholes and appalled by the status quo.

Mothers and fathers, regular American families, men and women, can win this battle together. But a lot of ground has been lost. For decades, we stood around and watched as feminists and progressives steamrolled through our institutions— those formerly robust, now comically inept, pillars of civilization like our government, our schools, and, crucially, our families.

With matchless insight and devastating humor, Peachy Keenan makes the case for domestic extremism—turning away from the diseased offerings of the elites, the media, Hollywood, your child’s school, and Big Tech, and embracing a more human way of life. The life-changing magic of domestic extremism will spark joy and help you build a legacy that will enrich the lives of your (many) descendants.

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ISBN-13: 9781684515271
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Publication date: 04/02/2024
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 111,652
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Peachy Keenan is the pseudonym for a writer and mother living deep behind enemy lines. She identifies as a husbosexual, which means she is only attracted to people who identify as her husband. Peachy gave up a career writing for corporate behemoths so she could devote herself to her family, post on Twitter, and let her freak flag fly as a contributing editor and regular essayist for The American Mind, a publication of The Claremont Institute. A convert to Catholicism from secular nothingness and liberal feminism, Mrs. Keenan resides in Southern California, her ancestral homeland. She shares a home with her husband and children, who remain her toughest audience. You can find her on Twitter @keenanpeachy, at least until she is cancelled.
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