Doctor Who : The Tenth Doctor Complete Year One

Doctor Who : The Tenth Doctor Complete Year One


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The collected Year One comic adventures of the critically acclaimed Tenth Doctor, as played by David Tennant!

Two strangers: the Doctor, charming, eccentric Time Lord with a past as dark and heavy as a black hole; Gabriella Gonzalez, waitress and wannabe artist with a future dragging her down like lead chains.
Hurled together by a wave of psychic horror haunting New York, they embark on an epic new adventure across time and space when a left turn in the Time Vortex strands them in the bomb-besieged trenches of World War I!
And it’s not just the churning mud or the constant bombardments they have to worry about... the fearsome Weeping Angels are here and feasting on the futures of the soldiers on all sides!
There’s barely time for Gabby to catch up with her best friend Cindy Wu before a cosmic terror causes chaos across the city! When an aging Hollywood star is empowered by an extraterrestrial artefact, the Doctor, Gabby and Cindy are swept up in their biggest adventure yet!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781785863998
Publisher: Titan
Publication date: 11/21/2017
Series: Doctor Who Series
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 483,408
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 12.20(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Nick Abadzis was born in Sweden to Greek and British parents and was brought up in England and Switzerland. He has been writing and drawing comics and graphic novels for all ages for over twenty-five years. His work has appeared in numerous books, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals around the world and he has been honored with various international storytelling awards, including an Eisner for his 2007 graphic novel, Laika. He also works as a publishing consultant, visual facilitator for corporate business and speaker on visual communication in culture. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife and daughter.
Robbie Morrison is a Scottish comics writer living in England, who has written popular titles such as Drowntown, Spider-Man, and The Authority. He is perhaps best known for his work at 2000 AD, where he co-created the Eagle Award-winning series Nikolai Dante, with artist Simon Fraser, and Shimura, with Frank Quitely, along with stints on Judge Dredd.
Elena Casagrande was born in 1983, and has worked on titles as varied as Hulk, Hack/Slash, Angel, Star Trek and The X-Files. As well as drawing the adventures of the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who, she is best known for Suicide Risk, her creator-owned series with Mike Carey. She lives in Italy, where she works forty-eight hours a day and never sleeps.
Daniel Indro is an Indonesian artist whose remarkable skill with a pencil has seen him chronicle the adventures of many a legendary hero – in Sherlock Holmes: Year One, Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives, Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist, Dark 48 and The Green Hornet.
Eleanora Carlini is an Italian artist on the rise, with her most recent high-profile appearance to DC’s Batgirl.

Rachael Stott is a comic book artist and illustrator based in London.
Winner of the Best Newcomer Artist at the British Comic Awards 2015, she has worked on Planet of the Apes and Doctor Who.
Leonardo Romero has illustrated the adventures of Batman and Robin in Batman ‘66, as well as those of Rampage Jackson.

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