Designs On Daphne & Loving Lulu: McGreers Series 4 & 5

Designs On Daphne & Loving Lulu: McGreers Series 4 & 5

by Lilly Christine


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McGreers 4 & 5 This volume contains "Designs on Daphne" McGreers 4 and "Loving Lulu" McGreers 5

Designs On Daphne

He's had a crush on her since forever, so why won't he sneak a kiss?

Dyin' to ditch Hobble Creek, Daphne Antelerone dives into a decorating job for Austin attorney Rodric McGreer. He's Texas' top legal talent, his mother's a stitch, and he says yes to everything she proposes! Rodric lives life large, and his penthouse, budget and reputation are all remarkable. Daphne find herself liking everything about him, especially those suits. . . so why can't she get him out of them?

Loving Lulu

Julio Rodriguez gives his family everything he's got, but it's not enough for Luanne. Home with two kids, she's craving a taste of the wider world. . . Lu's music is her ticket to freedom, but will her family survive the ride?

Janie Dupree feels a little broken, but she's Kyle Wright dream come true. The three tour Purple Heart and bona fide American hero decides he's the man for her. . . It's easy for Janie to give Kyle her heart, but what about the rest of her?

"The Sassy Hard Luck Queens of Hobble Creek never give up. . . and neither do the cowboys who love them!" ~ Libra Press

What Readers Are Saying About
Lilly Christine's "Crashing Into Tess" ( McGreer's #1)

"A fast-moving story! I hated to stop reading." ~ Roberta Wiggins
"A very satisfying read! I want more books by Lilly Christine" ~ Crystal Blue
"Sweet n' sassy dialogue and a small town setting I liked reading about" ~ Ms. Bean
"Loved the characters! A chick-lit James Herriot." ~ Cherie Smith

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ISBN-13: 9781500254971
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/19/2014
Series: McGreers
Pages: 326
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