Death By Lethal Injection: New Bilibid Prison

Death By Lethal Injection: New Bilibid Prison

by David Clarke, Alan C. Atkins


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A Remarkable Story
This is a remarkable true story of a happening that took place in the Philippines in 1996. It is about Albert Earnest Wilson (Suny Wilson) a British national and former taxi driver from kent who was sentenced to death in 1998. He was the first European to be sentenced to death in the Philippines since the reintroduction of the death penalty in 1994. He was wrongly accused of rape of his 12 year old step daughter, and for 4 years fought with the aid of others to secure his aquital. These others were concerned for this injustice that had occurred not only to Suny and that also threatened other foreign visitors to the Philippines.

This story tells how that the Pio Pasco (A Filipino) the father the 12 girl old step child, who was allegedly raped demanded
P 1,000,000.00 pesos for charge to disappear, it was a case of blackmail which was allowed in the Philippines. Suny refused to pay this money as a matter of principle as he was innocent. As a result he was imprisoned on Death Row, in New Bilibid Maximum Security Prison, fighting for his life and he adopting the title, Dead Man alive. After 4 years he was acquitted, on 19th December 1999, and walked out of Death Row a "dead man" but ALIVE. The Supreme Court of the Philippines had found the accusation against him, "NOT WORTHY OF CREDENCE"; the Solicitor General had found it, "BUT A FABRICATION".

The author of this text relates how he first heard of Suny's plight from his own brother Michael John Clarke, a British national, who too had been sentenced to prison in the Philippines for16 years, for a crime he did not commit. Michael too was serving his time in New Bilibid Prison and was able to visit Sunny on Death Row each day. This news was received in a letter sent from within New Bilibid Prison

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