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Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf

by Hans Rosenfeldt
Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf

by Hans Rosenfeldt


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Notes From Your Bookseller

Hans Rosenfeldt sets up the characters in Cry Wolf like dominoes on a table. The drug dealer who listens to Whitney Houston; the assassin who puts Villanelle from Killing Eve to shame; the car mechanic who fixes more than cars; and our detective, Hannah Wester, who carries the emotional baggage of a freight train. Rosenfeldt sets the first domino against the next. Our thrill here is watching them topple. Where they stop will be your guess until the last page. We loved this book — it’s a mixture of cat-and-mouse thriller, Nordic noir and police procedural.




The first book in a new series by Hans Rosenfeldt, creator of the TV series The Bridge as well as Netflix’s Emmy Award–winning Marcella.

Hannah Wester, a policewoman in the remote northern town of Haparanda, Sweden, finds herself on the precipice of chaos.

When human remains are found in the stomach of a dead wolf, Hannah knows that this summer won’t be like any other. The remains are linked to a bloody drug deal across the border in Finland. But how did the victim end up in the woods outside of Haparanda? And where have the drugs and money gone?

Hannah and her colleagues leave no stone unturned. But time is scarce and they aren’t the only ones looking. When the secretive and deadly Katja arrives, unexpected and brutal events start to pile up. In just a few days, life in Haparanda is turned upside down. Not least for Hannah, who is finally forced to confront her own past.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781335425713
Publisher: Hanover Square Press
Publication date: 12/28/2021
Edition description: Original
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 71,375
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 5.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Hans Rosenfeldt is a Swedish screenwriter, radio presenter, novelist and actor. He created the Scandinavian series The Bridge, which is broadcast in more than 170 countries, as well as the ITV/Netflix series Marcella.

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