Cosmic Ordering: The Next Adventure

Cosmic Ordering: The Next Adventure

by Barbel Mohr


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Her first book, The Cosmic Ordering Service--with more than 1 million in sales in Mohr's home country of Germany--recently exploded across England after Noel Edmonds, popular host of "Deal or No Deal," revealed that he followed the book's principles and they had changed his life. We have all had an experience where we've secretly wished for something--from finding the right partner to scoring a good parking spot--then voila! had that wish become reality. While some might write it off as coincidence, Barbel Mohr explains through her theory of cosmic ordering, that it's anything but random luck. In Cosmic Ordering, author Barbel Mohr delves deeper into the idea of placing orders with the universe, with more hints and ideas behind the belief that we are in charge of our own reality. Mohr's playful, simple approach to this popular concept is both entertaining and inspirational. Cosmic Ordering includes more of Mohr's experiences as well as stories from readers who've used the Cosmic Ordering Service themselves. Learn why it's best not to tell people about your cosmic orders before they are delivered, what you need to know to get started, plus more tricks to get what you want.

Translated by Dawn Bailiff

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ISBN-13: 9781571745286
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 04/20/2007
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

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By BARBEL MOHR, Dawn Bailiff

Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.

Copyright © 1999 Omega-Verlag
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57174-528-6


From Armani to Dirty Jeans and Back Again

If you have not read my first book, nor offered up one single order to the universe, you may, at first, wonder what this Cosmic Ordering Service is all about. Quite simply, it is best illustrated by the story "From Armani to Dirty Jeans and Back Again."

It all began in 1994, when Ingrid's highly successful husband (with a penchant for Giorgio Armani suits) had a serious car accident from which he did not recover. Actually, his body had recovered in six months; however, his mind—even after four years—had not recovered sufficiently for him to regain his professional status.

Meanwhile, one might say that the family went "from Armani to dirty jeans." Along with the financial pressures came marital discord, and Ingrid began to prepare her daughter for what seemed like an inevitable separation. Since her husband continued to remain unemployed, Ingrid knew she must look for work. Yet, after filling out over seventy applications, the best she could do was a single part-time job, two days a week for only a few hours a shift. This did not go far in supporting her entire family!

At the end of last year, Ingrid allowed herself, for the first time in quite awhile, to be persuaded to attend a party. When the time came, she went, admittedly, more because she had already promised than from a desire to go.

During the party, she found herself among the group of smokers on the balcony. There, another smoker, named Isabella, caught her attention. The two got into a conversation, in which Ingrid told Isabella that she admired her radiance and her temperament. She was even a bit jealous because her own life was a failure—her marriage, her job, simply everything.

Isabella, who was always a source of helpful information, immediately thought: this calls for an order to the universe. Although she was not certain whether this stranger before her would connect with this seemingly outlandish method, her thought intensified until she had to verbalize it: "Ingrid, I believe, you should call on the Cosmic Ordering Service."

"If you knew how many spiritual fanatics I have turned a deaf ear to," Ingrid sighed.

Yet, Isabella persisted: "I don't speak from a fanatical perspective but from a practical one! You think in concrete terms about what you would like to have, and then you send this order out in thought, trusting that what you desire already belongs to you."

Ingrid looked a little doubting, but Isabella was not finished with her remarks: "And don't order the same thing tomorrow. If you order something from the Source, you do not re-order it the next day. Otherwise, they think you are somewhat confused and send you nothing more at all."

Ingrid found that last sentence so funny that she decided it might be amusing to follow this peculiar advice at the next opportunity.

The party continued, and Ingrid did not return home until 2:30 A.M. Once there, she still had to walk the family dog. The beautiful, starry night fed her imagination, making her more receptive to the new ideas she had heard earlier, so she decided it would not be a bad idea to give this whole Cosmic Ordering Service a try. She recalled Isabella's instructions and considered, in detail, everything she would like to have.

Most importantly, she needed a better-paying job that she could coordinate with the care of their daughter. In addition, something had to happen in their marriage.

Her body and soul were so invested in these thoughts that her entire energy seemed to collect itself in her solar plexus and begin to circle there.

When she finally sent the order into the clear, starlit sky, it was as though a spiral emanated from the center of her being. It was nearly a mystical experience for Ingrid. She did not give it too much thought, but it was a little disconcerting, nonetheless.

The next day, she arrived at her part-time job. First thing in the morning, the telephone rang. It was their tax advisor, inquiring whether Ingrid was still looking for work. Ingrid admitted that she was. The tax advisor then gave her the number of a lady whose bookkeeper had abruptly quit some months ago, triggering a frantic search for a replacement which, so far, had turned up nothing.

Ingrid immediately called the lady and went for an interview that very afternoon. She could hardly believe it! Everyone in the office was very nice, and Ingrid and the owner clearly saw eye-to-eye. The only question that remained was: When could she start? "How about tomorrow?" the owner asked.

"No problem," said Ingrid, attempting to contain her excitement.

"Well, marvelous!" was the response. "I'll see you tomorrow."

How easy it can be! Ingrid was completely inspired. Upon arriving home, she immediately called Isabella, telling her that the first order had already appeared. The first call on the next morning after the order had already developed into a new job! Isabella was just as inspired.

The following day, Ingrid's husband—who had also been initiated in the Cosmic Ordering Service—called her at work: "Your next partial order has arrived. Despite your losses in the stock market, somehow, the final outcome is a credit of over $6,000!"

Nonsense, thought Ingrid, convinced that this simply could not be. "You must have misunderstood," she told her husband. "That is not possible! Fax the letter so I can see it. Surely, what is being called a plus is really a minus!"

Well, it was after all, a plus.

Meanwhile, their nine-year-old daughter began to catch on, successfully ordering some really nice small things. Naturally, she could not keep it to herself and so told her grandmother at the next opportunity: "Grandma, Mommy is now ordering with the universe, and everything comes, too ..."

Ingrid's husband looked comfortably on but remained passive. Thanks to the Cosmic Ordering Service, Ingrid was now too strong and courageous to remain entrenched in the old life patterns. So, she gave her husband an ultimatum: "Either you undertake something by the first of December that I can recognize as a contribution to this family, or I take our daughter and go."

This was no idle threat, for Ingrid was determined to stand her ground. She had had enough of Waiting for Godot. It was clear that she expected more from the future than to live in constant fear of ruin.

On the first of December, Ingrid's husband informed her that he would start work the next day. He had a new job—as a truck driver! Ingrid's heart sank. She found it hard to believe that her Dapper Dan, so enamored of his fine suits and ties, could be content in dirty jeans, transporting goods to and fro until late in the evening.

Even though he doesn't come home before 9:00 P.M. and is completely wiped out, he is better than he has been in a long time. Finally, something interests him and he is earning money again, even if not very much. But most importantly, he is finally back in the swing of life.

As a result, Ingrid regained respect for her husband, rekindling that old spark. The two are, once again, happy in the marriage—to the joy of their small daughter.

It works like this: as soon as one can break free from the rigidity of old negative patterns, satisfaction with daily life can prevail, which in turn, regenerates creative ideas and initiative. For example, Ingrid's husband now leafs eagerly through the newspaper, considering how he can jump-start his career. Perhaps being a truck driver is merely a stepping-stone to help him get back on his feet, not the ideal course for him, long-term.

Well, this is pretty typical of how the Cosmic Ordering Service works. Does it all make sense? If not, then you still have most of this book left to inspire you. And in chapter 5, the exact technique of how to place orders is explained.

Naturally, some will object: perhaps, it was all a coincidence—Ingrid going right to the perfect new job, etc. But even if that were the case, so what? If one can draw enough fortitude from his or her faith in the power of the Cosmic Ordering Service to create positive life changes, the outcome is no less marvelous!

Furthermore, you take a big risk not trying the Cosmic Ordering Service, if it does in fact work. Why, everything wonderful may elude you! Whereas, you lose nothing by trying it out, playing around with it a bit, until miracles begin to pile up in your life.


The Latest on the Cosmic Ordering Service

First I would like to give some introductory tips for new or up-to-now persistently unsuccessful orderers and report the latest on my own successes and failures.

What makes this difficult is that I give up my orders with childlike trust and directly forget about them.

It is obvious, with whom and when orders work especially well. Everything which one orders in ease and without attachment immediately comes forth. The more happy-go-lucky or naive a person is, the more quickly he/she is likely to receive results upon sending this initial "test-order." Seemingly unfair, this runs contrary to the confirmed esoteric philosophy that how much one accomplishes is in direct proportion to how much one comprehends.

According to this belief system, ordering would take place in solemnity, and the matter would become entirely too important. This goes against the very nature of the process. Even worse: one believes to need something and hopes and worries that it will really come. Yet, nothing happens. Strange universal law, isn't it? He that needs something doesn't get it, while he that, for the sheer fun of it—almost as a game—orders something admittedly unnecessary, gets it immediately! Where is the divine justice in that?

Are we not created in "God's image," becoming creators in our own right, manifesting in our life that which we think and feel? It becomes clear: that which one fears, is the first thing that appears. Arid the more one worries, the more reasons for worry arise. The more lightheartedly one dances through life, the more easily things flow to him or her, almost like in the Land of Milk and Honey.

It is the creative force, inherent in each one of us, of which we must become fully aware. Our greatest danger lies in negative thoughts and feelings. Our greatest fear, therefore, must be of our own negative thinking, as it creates our reality.

Let me give you an example of an unconscious, negative order that I recently made, which, fortunately, I was able to alter.

I had gotten myself all worked up over the fact that, this year, due to fewer write-offs, I would have to pay more taxes.

Since I am inclined to spend everything that is in my account, I was afraid of receiving a bill that was higher than what I could pay.

So, I therefore, quite craftily, wrote the tax office, requesting to make an estimated tax prepayment. Thus, I imagined, I would not have to pay in one lump sum, who knows how much, later on. It was the perfect unconscious order—or so it seemed.

Complications arose immediately. The income tax office does not know which folks have to make estimated tax payments. It only noticed that I wanted to change something, and the prepayment was set to zero. Super! Naturally, I did not place much stock in this and nervously agreed to pay a lump sum of $13,000, which included the taxes for one year and the current prepayment. My fears had been realized.

But one can take countermeasures at any time. There probably was something of a "higher-consciousness" order due, since I had previously imagined and ordered money for myself. I told the universe that debts would not have to occur in my reality, not even with the tax office. Therefore, please send me money by the payment due date. On the one hand, I half believed that it could work out, since I dismissed debt as a necessary reality; however, on the other hand, the situation seemed to me, nevertheless, fraught with difficulty. The long and the short of it: two days before the payment was due, money flowed in from all directions. Unexpected commissions from recommendations, the pay back of money I had lent and no longer expected to see, etc. I had, admittedly, overdrawn my account by $5,200; however, I was still able to pay the taxes. Extremely proud of what I perceived to be a successful order, I called my friend, Carsten, and told him all about it.

"Therefore, Baaarbel," he chided. "Now, read your own books for once! What are you doing with a minus $5,200 on the account? Why not a surplus of $30,000! You remember, that's the way it goes. What's the difference? So, really now!"

Immediately, my conscience nagged me. Although I give others good advice, I only practice it half-heartedly. Hmmm.

Nonetheless, I took away from this a valuable lesson: I suddenly realized how to make my orders more successful. Part of this actually consisted of abandoning the subject of money for four weeks because I secretly thought I shouldn't create this anyway. For most people, money is a difficult topic. Generally, only those that have enough money are successful at ordering up more.

Then Carsten paid me a visit (he lives 250 kilometers away), and I was filled with a sense of reproach that I don't stick to my own advice. Therefore, I ordered: "Dear Universe, today, Carsten is coming. Please send $35,000 by this evening."

Nothing happened. But I was lucky: Carsten seemed to have forgotten the whole thing. On the second evening, we were sitting in the kitchen when the telephone rang. It was my eighty-two-year-old aunt. She told me about a program that she had seen on television concerning inheritance taxes, which had greatly upset her. In order to avoid the inheritance tax, she had transferred $35,000 over to me that very day. I nearly fainted, and Carsten also looked greatly affected. Later, he acknowledged with amazement how quickly I put advice to good use.

As a result, he immediately recommended that I order a new car. First of all, I was beginning to really need one, and secondly, his suggestions seemed to work well. Three months later, I was given a new car as a gift. This time, not from a relative, but Carsten was again present at the scene, and we were both speechless. I see Carsten only every two to three months. That he participated in each of these "miracles" is a miracle in and of itself!

From all of this, I concluded that I think too many negative thoughts (concerns that I cannot pay the taxes or that it could be difficult, etc.). Fortunately, I have Carsten to pep me up at the right moment.

I have, however, also succeeded in pepping up Carsten. Once, I called him and told him about some particularly successful orders in the employment arena. We both make our living through freelance activities. As a result, Carsten was totally inspired and wanted to place an order right away, since he still had no clients for the coming week. We hung up, and a half-hour later, he called back, brimming with enthusiasm: "Barbel, you're not going to believe this, but the order has already been delivered! After I had given up the order, I took my trash down to the dumpster. There, I ran into my next-door neighbor, and we struck up a conversation about work. It turns out, he has a need for exactly what I do. Now, I have a super assignment for next week. An outstanding order. Hooray!"

In my circle of acquaintances, there were naturally malcontents, who upon hearing the above history, countered: "We have no rich aunts; therefore, this would not have worked for us." They did not seem to find it strange that my aunt called me a day after the order, offering the exact amount requested.

I reminded them of the time when I had ordered a somewhat higher sum and consequently found a job—the only time in my life when I was a salaried employee, for four months. The shop went out of business, and I received the balance of the ordered amount as a severance package. This can happen to everyone, except, of course, the doubters because they only work at "solid" companies.


Excerpted from COSMIC ORDERING by BARBEL MOHR, Dawn Bailiff. Copyright © 1999 Omega-Verlag. Excerpted by permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc..
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Table of Contents


Translator's Foreword, by Dawn Bailiff,


Chapter 1: From Armani to Dirty Jeans and Back Again,

Chapter 2: The Latest on the Cosmic Ordering Service,

Chapter 3: Know Yourself,

Chapter 4: The Truth about Monsters and Pussycats,

Chapter 5: How Does the Cosmic Ordering Service Work?,

Chapter 6: What I Think Creates What I Experience,

Chapter 7: Don't Count Your Chickens before They Are Hatched,

Chapter 8: Where There Is a Problem, There Is Also a Solution,

Chapter 9: The Enlightenment Doesn't Care How You Attained It,

Chapter 10: How Do I Succeed in Having a Problem?,

Chapter 11: A Day in the Life of a Cosmic Orderer,

Chapter 12: Prerequisites for Successful Ordering,

Chapter 13: Everything Good Comes from Within,

Chapter 14: Will I Become Too Good If I Listen to the "Divine" within Me?,

Chapter 15: Conclusive Evidence of the Cosmic Force,

Chapter 16: Meditation for the Lazy,

Chapter 17: Love and Hate Are Two Sides of the Same Coin,

Chapter 18: Coincidence versus Providence,

Chapter 19: Tricks for Manifesting Miracles,

Chapter 20: The Cosmic Ordering Service and Karma,

Chapter 21: Is Ordering with the Universe Blasphemy?,

Chapter 22: Am I Even Worthy of So Much Joy?,

Chapter 23: Feel How You Really Feel!,

Chapter 24: The Sky behind the Clouds Is Always Blue,

Final Thoughts,

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