Concise Dictionary of Spirituality and World Religions

Concise Dictionary of Spirituality and World Religions

by Slobodan Maldini


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Concise Dictionary of Spirituality and World Religions is intended to help the subject of world religions and spiritu¬ality to become more accessible to the general public. It is also hoped that students of world religions, spiritual people and even profession¬als, religious peole, monks and believers of all religions, yoga teach¬ers, and practitioners will turn to it for helpful information. It does not have pretensions to complete¬ness, but it does provide a wide range of entries. While the scope of the book has been restricted to the Christi¬anity, Hin¬duism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and other major religions and spiritual phenomena, aspect of the subject associated with Sikh¬ism, Jainism, Zen, Shinto, history of religions, theology, phi¬losophy and religions, spiritualist psychology, yoga, sufism, meditation, Pa¬ganism, spiritual social movements. Special attention is dedicated to the terms in the field of spiritualism, magic (paranormal), rituals, sym¬bols, actions, language, as a category separate from religion. In par¬ticular, influences of East religions on Western civilization are men¬tioned, although no attempt has been made to include the vast termi¬nology of religions of India, China, Japan that would itself fill volu¬mes. Apart from the books devoted to single religions, much infor¬mation has been extracted from more general sources: other diction¬aries and internet.

Containing over 5.200 entries in the field of all the aspects of spritu¬ality, religions and human spirit achievements, this is the most com¬prehensive and up-to-date dictionary of spirituality in paperback. On 420 pages the book covers all aspects of human spiritality in all peri¬ods of history of civilizations, from East to West. It is an invaluable work of reference for the general reader and believers in all major re-ligions, from Hinduism to Christianity.

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About the Author

Slobodan Maldini (1956) Artist, architect, writer, art historian and theoretician of art. 1978 studied art history and Palladian architecture in Vicenza, Italy, under the mentors professor James S. Ackermann (Harvard University) and Wolfgang Lotz (professor on Institute of Fine Arts, New York and director of Bibliotheca Hertziana - Max Planck Institute of Art History). 1985 Maldini exhibited at the Paris Biennale, together with the world icons of art and architecture: Keith Haring, Aldo Rossi, Tadao Ando. He wrote several books, including: "A Dictionary of Spirituality", "Recuerdo", "Dictionary of Architecture", "Kathmandu, Valey of Gods". His edition "Encyclopedia of architecture in six volumes contains over 40.000 entries and over 30.000 photographs. This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary of architecture. He has exhibited his works of art in many cities of the world. in the last 40 years has done an impressive artistic opus.

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